must blog

I've certainly been slacking off on my blogging duties in the last little while. The chaos before Christmas is making things a little hectic. With feeling icky last week and my friend's issues, life seems a little lackluster lately.

The week ended great though since we went to Kirk's company Christmas party at Butt'r. The drinks were great...and the food was amazing...if a little pricey even though was on his company's tab. I did cringe a little at the $40 carribean lobster tail menu option.

The service was impeccable and our wine glasses were always filled. That's why Kirk and I stumbled home, our bellies full of organic greens with walnuts & dried cranberries with chive vinaigrette, pepper steak & frites and yummy salmon in tarragon cream sauce, around 10:30pm. Don't remember too much about that. I do, however, vividly remember suddenly waking up at 2:00am to stumble s'more around the apartment to turn off all the lights, the TV and unlpug the tree (seems we felt the need to turn them ALL on when we got home), gulp down a couple of advils and a LOT of water and climb back into bed.

I was hung over until yesterday. GAWD I'm a wimp.

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