Answer: What the hell took you so long!?!

Question: Marry me?

Yes, friends, after 2 years of being a girlfriend and 5 years of being a common-law partner, I am now officially a fiancee.

The last few days had been kinda strained with all the overtime Kirk's been putting in (working 12 full days in a row is NOT my idea of fun). So we decided that we were entitled to sleeping in on Sunday morning past 8am. I can't remember exactly what we were talking about but all of a sudden Kirk dropped the bomb.

A short while after I said yes (actual answer found in post title), we got up to find our slacker plans had backfired. At about 7am while we were sleeping in, Oscar had taken the largest dump EVAR in the middle of the loft floor. The little bastard didn't even TRY to wake us up.


so here's the problem

I went to see the doctor before dinner this evening about this headache. I was a little concerned about the constant popping in my ears and was afraid it was an infection. No. I just have a whoppingly nasty case of rhinusitis

I'm such a wimp....sniff.

Oh yeah.

Props to the folks at Family Practice Health Centre at Women's College Ambulatory Care Centre. Even though I had to wait a whole half hour to see a doctor. They were able to fit me in at really short notice and are super nice.

Oh yeah.

I also forgot to tell you I finally saw Shaun of the Dead on Saturday.

Go. See it now.

I'm gonna go again on Saturday.

oh i wish i was an oscar meyer weiner...

I've been home from work for a large part of the afternoon. I've had a pounding sinus headache for about two days now. When I feel this crappy Oscar is the only thing that seems to make me feel better. How can you not love a face like this???

Alternative names used at some point in time:
Petit Monsieur
The Pooper
Monkey Boy
Mister Dog
and my personal favourite: Dr. Piddles


Deep-fried turkey is DEEEEEEEE-LICIOUS!

turkey, originally uploaded by the shmoops.

Here's what Spencer's dad cooked up for brunch the day after the wedding.

The best part? Watching a dozen guys standing around the pot of roiling oil, giggling like little girls.

Congratulations Anny and Spencer Fowler!

annyNspence, originally uploaded by the shmoops.

On the first weekend of October, Kirk and I went up to Sundridge, Ontario to attend the wedding of Anny and Spencer. I've known Anny since she was born. Both our mums were roommates in 1970 and have been friends ever since.

When we were kids we lived about an hour apart from one another and only really hung out during holidays and birthdays and whatnot. We really became close in high school, where we both attended the only all-french language catholic high school in the Greater Toronto Area. See, both our mums are from Quebec so they had decided it was important for their children to grow up being able to communicate both in English and in French. All subjects were taught in French; Maths, Sciences, History, Shop, Geography... EVERYTHING except for English of course.

When we were rockin' teenage catholic school girls, Anny and I even dated two friends on the same hockey team. Ahhh.....sweet memories.

I had promised myself that I wouldn't bawl uncontrollably during the ceremony (I can be irrationally sappy sometimes). And I didn't. It was later, after the dinner reception and a lot of white wine that I weeped openly during the speeches.

We're all grown up now. I was going to say old...but 30 isn't old is it?


bug killer

A hundred fruit flies on the ceiling upstairs in the loft.

Kirk is also upstairs with a flyswatter.

20 minutes later, Kirk is victorious.

My hero!!!!