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OK, so last week my dad and I had a really long talk. Ever since I've realized that I'm healed from the injuries I sustained 2 summers ago when some dickhead decided that he wouldn't bother checking to see what was going on ahead of him before he slammed on the gas and proceeded to drive right into me crossing the street...on foot.

Anyway, we were talking about the fact that my friend Natalie and I are trying to startup a 2-woman painting business. So far we've bid on a couple of jobs, but nothing concrete has come out of it yet and we want have a few more completed jobs before we really start marketing ourselves. That means that I need some other way to make money in the meantime. He told me he'd ask around and see if there was anything could do to help.

It was amazing. My dad. Offering to help me without criticising me and actually being nice about it. I didn't feel like a little kid asking for my daddy's help. He treated me as an adult and with respect. I almost started bawling right then and there. I left for the cottage and put it out of my mine. Monday morning he calls and tells me that there is an opening at the office of one of the lumber yards that's a division of the company he works for.

Today, I went in for the interview with the super dude that runs the place and it was really cool. He would like me to work Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays which means I won't have to sacrifice my work outs with my brother AND painting in the studio. I almost peed myself. It's exactly what I need AND it's in the city, so I won't have to commute to the suburbs!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Anyway, boss dude is going to talk to the owner and get back to me early next week with an offer. Plus, it's Canada Day tomorrow, and Kirk took Friday off, so we're heading up to the cottage once again, but this time for 4 whole days.

I'm so happy I could explode!!!!!





So I didn't actually get to see Marie's babies yet. I had a NASTY reaction to caffeine around 11am. (Puking and such...happens from time to time...mostly when my allergies are bad...and right now they are...)

I was a little concerned about walking into a hospital and possibly handling infants so soon after retching for a good half hour. I'm not the least bit contagious but I figured it was better to be safe than sorry...sigh...you never know...


shame shame


Our water has been turned off since 8am this morning due to the perpetual road work happening outside my home.

Now my plans for the day have all been shot to hell.

Can't make tea
Can't take a bath
Can't brush my teeth
Can't flush the toilet
Can't put fresh water out for Oscar and The Poupee
Can't wash the floor in my bedroom where Oscar puked up his breakfast at 8:30 this morning.


I know it could be a lot worse...but still...

bye bye comments

ok...so I updated my template and am using the blogger comments tool now...so all my old comments are gone.



Congrats to Marie and Joe!

This afternoon, Marie had her twins!!!! Both boys were delivered by C-section and are healthy. Hoping to see them later this week. Will post images when I can.


look out, she's gonna blow!!!!!!!

Going to spend the afternoon with my cousin Marie. She's preggers with twin boys (shudder) and is on bed rest with no one but her father to keep her company today. She was in the hospital for a whole week a little while ago because her blood pressure was all messed up. They were worried that, for her health, she might have to birth the babies before they were really ready to be born. Ultrasound tests estimate that Baby A is just over 5.5 pounds and Baby B is just shy of 5 pounds. That means that it's safe for her to have them before her original due date of July 14th. This will be the first set of twins in our family.

My biological clock isn't ticking yet...ahem....not really...sigh...


Will Ferrell is my hero.

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Fuck Reagan...we should all be crying for the death of this man.

Ray Charles - dead at 73

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Here's a pic of Oscar and I - sent via Picasa's Hello appy - okay...me go sleepy now... Posted by Hello


A few words of advice to all you cottaging virgins out there:

1. When you go to your cottage, don't go over and visit your neighbours, have too many beers and offer to help lob heavy rocks, while ankle deep in lake water and standing on slippery rocks, to fill out your cottage's shoreline that's slowly being eroded away by the wake of far too many jetskis and power boats, and slide on your knees down to the edge of the rock shelf that ends in a 50 ft. drop to the lake bottom.

2. Don't have a few more beers, offer to "help" your mate, who's replacing the locking doorknob, by closing the door before both knobs and internal mechanism are securely in place, especially when you were told you not to, then say "oops!" when the doorknob comes right off, and promptly almost pee yourself laughing while you offer to "help" get out, then actually wrench the mechanism right out of the door with a screwdriver when your love isn't looking and say "oops! I think I broke it".

3. Do pass out right after eating the haphazard meal you slammed together while in a drunken stupor and force your mate to head on over and explain to the nice new neighbours why you can't come over and share that wild blueberry pie you had bought especially for the occasion and had gone on and on and on about over beers earlier in the afternoon.


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