my heart is explody with cuteness!

Wow. I've been busy and have lots of photos to share with you all, hopefully get some of that poo up here soon. In the meantime, enjoy Nora, the piano-playing kitty!


thank goodness. i was starting to worry.

You Are a Great Student

You aren't afraid to crack the books when you need to, and you make your education a true priority.
You could become a PhD in anything, if you set your mind to it. There's no limit to what you can learn!

I got 2 scholarships for my first year of art school, ya'll! Holy crap! They are:
  • Jennifer Hermelin Scholarship: Awarded to the student with the highest grade in the Form & Structure (SCULPTURE) course in the Fall term; and
  • Dr. Eugene A. Poggetto Scholarship: Awarded for...well I'm not sure but I'm assuming it has something to do with the 94% final mark I got in my critical theory class.
Well, I just pulled an all nighter to get my most recent assignment completed. I've been feeling very procrastination-ely and burned out in the last month, so I kinda left it to the last minute. Nothing like an all nighter to make you feel even more burned out. Actually, I feel really good about the result even though the following photo was poorly lit. See fer yourselves:

Better photos and project details forthcoming.


I'm into Jewish Mothers