50 things about me

  1. I am 32 years old (I'll be 33 in 5 days).
  2. The two middle toes on both of my feet are webbed.
  3. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Canada is the home of Shania Twain, the Toronto International Film Festival, the Canadian National Exhibition, Kraft Dinner, Anne Murray, Canadian Club, Celine Dion, Corey Hart, Alanis, Mike Myers, Norm MacDonald, William Shatner, John Candy, Bret “the hitman, Hart, Jennifer Tilly, Kids in the Hall, The Tragically Hip, Steve Nash, David Cronenberg, Sarah Polley, the Barenaked Ladies, Stompin’ Tom Connors, Sum 41, Bob and Doug McKenzie,Neil Young, Wayne Gretzky, Red Green, Tom Green, Matthew Perry, Paul Shaffer, Mike Weir, Phil Hartman, Leslie Neilsen, Peter Jennings, Pamela Anderson, Alex Trebek, Todd MacFarlane, Farley Mowat, Naomi Klein, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, James Cameron, Douglas Coupland, Lorne Michaels, Emily Carr, The Group of Seven, hosers, hockey, maple syrup, back bacon and poutine
  4. I have 2 tattoos.
  5. I’m half southern Italian and half French Canadian.
  6. I was raised Roman Catholic.
  7. Due to an overabundance of Catholic guilt instilled in me as a child, I would much rather punish myself than lash out at others.
  8. Though I am a feisty hellion when pushed too far.
  9. My ultimate comfort foods are: gnocchi, poutine and butter tarts.
  10. Farts ALWAYS make me laugh.
  11. I drive a 1988 Volvo 240DL station wagon. The colour is tan, but the official name is “champagne”.
  12. I prefer driving standard to automatic. Automatic transmission is for pussies.
  13. To me its colOUr and favOUrite and alumiNIum not color, favorite and aluminum.
  15. I have perfect C-cup breasts.
  16. I've never had children (explains #15)
  17. I look best in red.
  18. I look worst in yellow.
  19. I can’t NOT watch television if it’s on.
  20. I look better naked than dressed.
  21. My favourite book is Robert A. Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land
  22. My favourite movie is Blade Runner.
  23. I have naturally curly hair.
  24. I talk back to movies, television shows, commercials, the radio, magazines, books, OK pretty much everything - call me the one-woman peanut gallery.
  25. When I watch TV I always flip between shows to avoid the commercials.
  26. I don't have cable, but when I do, I enjoy watching Discovery, TLC, Comedy Network, IFC, Documentary Channel, HGTV and the Food Network.
  27. I can’t cross my eyes.
  28. I can rrrrrrrrrrrrrroll my “r’s.
  29. I can twist my tongue into the shape of a clover leaf.
  30. I went to all-French schools from junior kindergarten to high school graduation.
  31. I bugs me when people misspell my name.
  32. According to my husband and past roommates, I am a kitchen nazi.
  33. I’m really bad a memorizing things.
  34. I am a visual learner.
  35. When I was 18 I worked at Paramount Canada’s Wonderland (not as fun as it sounds)
  36. I love cheese, except for the goat ones and moldy ones that get passed off as gourmet.
  37. I am far-sighted.
  38. I love and appreciate music of all kinds.
  39. I started wearing a bra in 5th grade
  40. The first and only fist fight I have ever been in was in the 5th grade with the first boy who made fun of my bra.
  41. I have one younger brother.
  42. My parents are still together and seem pretty happy about it.
  43. I have a dog named Oscar, he's a border-collie/australian shepherd cross.
  44. I have a cat named Luna. She is black and is a bitch to everyone but me.
  45. I always wanted to have a dog named Petey, like in the Little Rascals.
  46. The best man at my wedding was a lesbian.
  47. I love me the homos and the dykes.
  48. Except for the super faggy/butchy ones who act the way they think gay people should act, instead of acting like human beings. Them I diss.
  49. I only take prescription drugs if absolutely necessary.
  50. I am kinda paranoid about immunizations like the flu shot (though I'm sure glad I'll never get smallpox or polio)

yay for photomonkey!

Big up to my good friend Ren and her partners in crime! This has been in the works for a while, so if you're in Toronto in May, you gotta check it out.


worst. headline. ever.

Eco-pilgrims gather to 'heed the Goracle'

see now that's what i'm talking about

Prince Harry to be deployed to Iraq

snakes in a motherfuking house.

in toronto. seriously.

dear weather,

what is up with you the last few days? hunh?

first we get a foot of snow, then a few days of sun and warm weather where most of the snow melted into a disgusting filty mess and then and i wake up this morning and what do we have?


thundersnow??? seriously????

because now oscar is hiding in the bathroom. and it's your fault.

the infamous outhouse! a.k.a. die auspumpenhutte

i hope it was worth it.


anyone remember this show?

Kirk also bought Ark II recently. There is not one thing about this show that I can remember. Not a single thing. I've watched a few episodes and it's OK I guess. In a hilariously preachy sort of way.

anyone remember this show?

Last month Kirk bought the whole first season on DVD. He just couldn't resist his childhood appeal of a show with a yacht, a speedboat, a helicopter AND a ro-boz.

I was about 12 when Riptide aired so for me I mostly watched it to see Perry King. At that time, I regularly crushed on Dirk Benedict (A-team), John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard), Lee Horsley (Matt Houston), Jon-Erik Hexum (Voyagers & Cover Up), Bruce Willis (Moonlighting), Tom Selleck (Magnum P.I.), Scott Baio (Charles in Charge), Daniel Kelly (Hardcastle and McCormick) and Jason Bateman (It's Your Move). Man, I know that last one seems out of place but Jason Bateman was pretty close to my age, and in that show he was a total brat, so I totally went for him like the crushing retard I was.

That is until 21 Jump Street in 1987. For many years to come, it was all about Johnny. Sigh.

ding fries are done

the original is here


best animation mix. ever.

fuggy fuggy

in the navy


Art and Design in the Social Sphere - Project#2

Art as a collaborative effort between producer and viewer/receiver.

valentine cards
I handed out hand made Valentine's Day cards to everyone in my class, as an example of the practice that often happened when I was in grade school where we had to hand out Valentines to everyone in the class, whether you liked them or not, just to be sure no one would felt left out. How we were, in some ways, being brainwashed into buying into the bullshit concepts of romantic love. Seriously, no wonder so many people want what they can't have, or think that that's the only kind of real love there is.

Inside each card was a quotation about the notion of love in a few different contexts, minus the romantic aspect. The crass commercialization that is displayed every February nauseates me, but I didn't want to the project to be too cynical about it either. My hope was to provoke in the receivers some kind of thoughts about what love meant to them.
valentine cards
OK. So, it was kinda simplistic, but the idea was to present a prototype of a larger project I could do outside of the school setting, with enough time and effort, based on the ideas of unconditional love and random acts of kindness. I could randomly pick names out of the phone book, take their address and send them a pretty handmade card on Valentines Day (or any other holiday or for no reason, really), with no expectations for anything in return. Since I didn't sign them, I told my classmates that they were free to pass the cards on to anyone they wanted, sort of paying it forward (so to speak).

Anyway, it's giving me a few ideas of a couple of collaborative projects I can do with the great folks I've met through blogging. That means you!

I'm still working it out, so stay tuned for that.



oooooohhhh! i'm all giddy!

yo, here are some of the raddest DIY electric cars ever!

my husband found these this morning.

from the moment i met him i knew he was a keeper.

okok. since i know he sometimes reads this i will have to admit that it actually was from the second time i met him that i knew. the first time i was introduced to him, i was all, "yeah, yeah, nice to meet you. so anyways....." and kept talking to whoever it was i was talking to at the time.

yeah. i'm lucky he has the hots for me.


meditation on light and dark

exploration of light and dark
colour and composition class project#1

acrylic on 3, 5x7 canvasses

project guidelines:

  • Light and dark is a fundamental fact of our existence as the cycle of night and day demonstrates. It is a powerful metaphor, which is at the core of many of our narratives. It underlies the structure of all composition and visual organization. It is a major contrast present in all colour relationships.
  • It is the starting point for the first project, one that might take you in many directions. Explore it physically, metaphorically, culturally, symbolically and in any number of ways. Think, imagine and challenge yourself.

this is the photo that inspired my project. i took it last summer while up at the cottage. i miss it there. sigh.
inspiration for light/dark project

this is how i feel now that stoopid exam is over

Did anyone else notice those white hairs? Yeah...it's because I'm getting old. On the 28th I'll be 33.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about procreation. Not just the practicing part, but the actual spawning part (I know, I know, real romantic).

There's part of me that feels more capable now of caring for another human being, which I never really felt before. But the truth of the matter is, I'm having a hard time imagining myself pregnant, or toting a babe around with the hell of a school week I just experienced.

That being said, I wonder if there's ever really a perfect time to do something like this?

I smell a duel

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society VS. Greenpeace


dear ignorant jerkoffs on the college streetcar,

it's not my fault we had a huge snowstorm and pardon me for having to carry a largish box while you sighed and rolled your eyes at me after i had to shove you out of the way when you wouldn't give me a little room to pass.

go fuck yourself.

to everyone else, happy valentine's day!

oh and here's another shot of missy, this time with my dad.


ideal subject position my ass

Isn't it obvious tell that I am PUMPED for my upcoming critical theory exam?

I spent the whole day yesterday, studying for that exam with Cheryl and felt so braindead that I didn't do a lick of homework last night. Instead, Kirk and I watched Bon Cop, Bad Cop, which was really good. Being half French Canadian, and bilingual, I got a real kick out of the dialogue. I wanted to watch it without subtitles, but Kirk gave me stinkeye about it, so we watched it with English subtitles. Basically it's about the tensions between Ontario and Quebec explored through the buddy cop genre as Colm Feore and Patrick Huard investigate a series of murders that take place within the "hockey community". I don't even really like hockey but I LOVED this movie.

Here is a shot of Oscar sulking with his mini-teddy because we were watching a movie and not playing with him.
oscar sulking with his teddy

Oh and thanks for all your advice on the stink problem I was having with my sweater on Friday. Please note that I have HEARD of deoderant, and understand how it works, it's just that damned sweater that needs to be burned like all future news items about Anna Nicole Smith.


i smell

A few years ago, I stopped using anti-perspirant. I was starting to get pimples in my pits and figured that smearing aluminum there every day might not be such a good thing to do. So far natural deoderants seem to work great - as long as I wear clothing made of natural fibers. Right now I'm at work, wearing my favourite black turtleneck sweater. It's acrylic. And I stink - but it's not even a normal sweat stink. It's acrid and makes me want to cry.

I love this sweater but hate that it makes me sweat more and smell after only a few hours. I totally showered today and everything. Ugh.


more Missy!

turns out she's a purebred yorkie. and only one ear sticks up! even cuter!!!!

Karla has baby boy

oh my god. this sickens me.


This is my brother's new puppy. Her name is Missy!


She's a 10-week old yorkie/poodle cross.


haha. i totally forgot about this!

my favourite part is the opening credits theme music. the rest is kinda funny and kinda dumb.

the painting is on hold for a while, so i can work on mid-term stuff that's due in 2 weeks. yeeeehaw!