headache BEGONE!!!!

OK...so that didn't work.

Well I figured out what the puke-y feeling was all about. Unfortunately part of the joys of being a modern woman is being on the birth control pill (Yes, I know there are other options...but it usually works for me) to stay UN-pregnant. BUT when you forget to take one (as I had) and you have to take 2 at once, well...it wreaks a little havoc on the body. It can simulate the symptoms of pregnancy, like morning sickness, even though you aren't preggers. So that, plus my caffeine intolerance made for a pretty messy day yesterday. AND, today I have a nasty sinus headache and cannot stop sneezing...sigh...

On a brighter note, I have been crocheting like a frickin' maniac and finished a few more paintings. I'll be posting pics of all my new stuff after christmas, so's I don't spoil things for anyone.

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