impossible is the opposite of possible

We're planning on putting our condo up on the market in a couple of weeks, and I'm kinda freaking out about it.I just finished summer school and will now spend the next week or so doing nothing but moving, painting, sanding, staining and replacing shit.

I'm in need of proper studio space and can't really afford to rent something on top of what we have, so it's time. There is dedicated studio and storage space at school for 4th-year students, but I'm only in 2nd year.

I didn't realise how much it sucks lugging all my shit around, especially when the lockers we are offered are usually not big enough to store anything larger than a knapsack and boots and a coat in the winter. Riding the streetcar with anything larger than a coffee? Ugh.

So once we sell...well, then we have to try to buy a new place and hope that closing dates work out and all so we're not homeless for a couple of months.

And I start school again in 4 weeks.



i am so disgusting

so disgusting in fact, that i earned TWO whole entries on imsodigusting.blogspot.com! i DARE you to beat that. HAH!

oh yeah, i also have wickid cramps right now and am totally burned out from ACING my last course of the summer, so blogging to resume shortly.



i wish i got vh1. i don't even have cable.

I Hate My 30s

oh god.