new bathroom

Here's a couple of shots of the new tile in our bathroom. My dad's buddy Vito came over earlier this week to rip out the rotten drywall that was in there and replaced it with THIS:



Oh it pays to work at a lumber yard. I get awesome discounts on materials. Thanks goodness, or else we could NEVER afford to have someone do it up for us!



This is a shot I took of the ceiling at Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum.

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Current top 10 reasons why I am so in love with my fiancee

He was able to calm my mother down after some asshole smashed one of our car windows which made it impossible for us to leave for our road trip to Halifax on time. We were stopping in Quebec City to drop off a relative who had been staying with my parents. My mother HATES it when things don't happen as scheduled. She freaked out on me and I was ready to tear her throat out but he took a few minutes with her on the phone and all was well. The only other man with that kind of power is my father.

He forgave all my crabby remarks while we were both quarantined to our bed all weekend for being infected with the NEVER ENDING COLD. (Seriously, I'm still blowing my nose after 5 days. What's up with that?)

The first time we ever hung out, we were out with a large group of friends. We all had had a few drinks, and it was late. I sat next to him on a sofa in the lounge area at the skateboard park run by a friend of ours. I lay my head on his shoulder and felt right at home. I know it sounds corny, but it's true.

He has a great sense of humour and can make me giggle even when I'm trying really hard to maintain my hard ass composure.

He has the softest lips and is an AWESOME kisser.

He was willing to be the sole breadwinner so that I could quit my job to avoid an impending nervous breakdown.

He has the most pinchable bum EVAR.

Yesterday he told me I was beautiful even though I was actually looking more like Robert Downey Jr. on a bender.

He loves me in spite of all my flaws. I mean, he still wants to marry me even though I was a dumbass when I said "What took you so long?"

We are not only lovers but best friends. A best friend is always willing to be open and honest, even when it hurts. And he is. And sometimes it does. In the end, our relationship always comes first.



I haven't slept well over the last few days and am grumpy as hell. I also now have a cold, thanks to the hundreds of sheets of paper I touch every day that have been touched by who knows how many other potentially sick people. It's the second cold I've had since I started working there.

Not a big deal to some, but considering before this job I had a cold maybe once a year, it's a big deal to me. COLDS SUCK. GERMS SUCK. That's why I wash my hands every 30 minutes or so and avoid touching my face unless my hands are clean. The worst part about that is my hands are super dry and all the skin around my cuticles is peeling, no matter how much cream I use. Not that it seems to matter any 'cause I still got sick anyway.

On the bright side, I still haven't ever wanted to set myself on fire.

I just sneezed 9 times in a row. That's GOT to be some kind of record.

I just checked the Guiness World Records website. According to them:

The longest sneezing bout ever recorded was that of 12-year-old schoolgirl Donna Griffiths of Worcestershire, UK. She started sneezing on January 13, 1981, sneezed an estimated million times in the first 365 days, and achieved her first sneeze-free day on September 16, 1983 - the 978th day. Her sneezing put Donna's face on the pages of newspapers around the world. Well-wishers inundated her with handkerchiefs and letters suggesting different cures. At the beginning, her sneezes erupted every minute but at the end they slowed down to one every five minutes. "I'm determined not to let it stop me from doing the things I like. I love swimming and I swim for the school," she said.



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