its so hot my modem is melting...

It's 32 degrees in my condo and 47 outside with the humidex. How hot is that?

Hot enough that Oscar won't walk more than 5 blocks before dragging me back home.

Hot enough that my modem is acting up and works for only a few hours a day.

Hot enough that I don't want to leave my bedroom, which is the only room with air conditioning.

Hot enough that I have a headache that won't go away.

Hot enough that I am the grumpiest bitch this side of Toronto.

Hot enough that I haven't eaten anything other than bread, cherry tomatoes and water all day.

Hot enough that I'll be at the cottage for the next week and a half.

Party Island here I come!!!


new work

pebbles3 completed
acrylic on canvas
completed last week.

pebbles4 sketch
acrylic on canvas
in progress


The Grande Mothers

The Grande Mothers Re:Invented played at Hugh's Room last night. One of the best live shows I've seen in a long time. Living legends bringing us the music of Frank Zappa; truly one of the most prolific musical geniuses of the 20th century.

These are the best shots out of the 15 that I got in before my camera battery died.





it's been raining cats and dogs out here


Oscar is exhausted from all the hiding and whining he suffered during the thunder and lightning storm that's been hammering the city all day. It was so bad he refused to poop at all this morning and dragged me back home as soon as he got about half a block away.

"Where is that coming from? It's like it's coming from...EVERYWHERE.


Quick, wench, hide!"

For the next few hours he just glared at me occasionally as if dissapointed that I hadn't obeyed his command.
"The noise monster is sure as hell never going to catch me.

You get caught, you're on your own."



9 good things

1. Found USB cables for digital cameras. It makes it easier to get the pictures off of them and stuff.

pebble beach 2.0
2. My husband. For many reasons, but namely for finding said cable.

3. My cottage. Everyone living in urban middle-class on up comfort should have to poop in an outhouse for at least a whole week once a year. I swear. It's character building.

4. Good friends. I had the best week ever with Melissa, drinking, canoeing, eating, smoking, sleeping. Oh, and lots and lots of stick throwing.

5. The Party Island. Need I say more?

6. Bicycles out of storage. TTC fare is now $2.75 and that is fucking bullshit. Also, I've been away from city driving for a while and think that road rage is NOT good for me.

7. Newly painted bedrooms. Now I just need to move all my shit out of the closet, paint the closet doors and inside trim, lay down some quarter round, moving it all back into the closet. And THEN, I can move my bed back in, and all my other tchatchka. HUZZAH!

8. Cursewords. The words bullshit, cunt, asshole, fucking and pricks got me through the most evil rush hour drive down Dufferin from Lawrence Ave down to King Street today. Drivers in Toronto don't know the first goddamned thing about common courtesy. I don't give a shit if someone needs to get into my lane. Signal assholes! Let me know what you're planning to do, pricks, so I don't rear end your bullshit, you fucking cunts!


9. Free food. Thanks Mum! Also, thank you for storing my bike.