holy crap! i'm a 34C!

Since school started, my sleeping schedule is all over the place, so I basically eat smaller meals whenever I'm hungry, which is about every 2-4 hours. I've also been a weight training once a week with my personal trainer brother.

7 days

Last fall, and now that the snow has finally melted, I've been riding my bike 4 times a week to and from school which ends up being 10-15 minutes each way.

7 days - detail

Just one year ago I was a 38D and 2 dress sizes bigger. I also pretty much sat on my ass all day at a desk, sometimes in front of a computer that I shared with 3 other people.

7 days - detail

These are shots from the last project I submitted to my Art and Design in the Social Sphere class.

SUBJECT: Create a recording of something. Interpret the word "recording" as you see fit. This could mean a literal recording, a trace, data analysis, a copy, etc...

CRITERIA/MATERIALS: Format and materials are open.


7 days
'7 DAYS'
mixed media on canvas
32" x 36"

I saved 7-days worth of packaging and non-perishable trash from whatever I bought or finished and used a glue gun to collage it to an old canvas I had lying around as a record of my consumption.


Blades of Glory

I don't know what it is, but Will Ferrell could shit in a bucket and I would laugh my ass off.

Every time.


soundgarden kinetic sculpture? yes please!

Hey ya'll,

With 4 weeks left in the school term, the pressure is now firmly on and I'm not really at my computer as much as usual BUT I just finished a series of projects that I will post to the blog as soon as I get a minute to get the photos off my camera.

In the meantime, enjoy this:


beatbox flute guy!

Hey Murl! He's back with a new video.


playing with hue and space

playing with hue and space

study#2 for colour and composition class.

goal: develop a composition which incorporates an illusion of 3 dimensional space using one or more of the following devices: linear & aerial perspective, scale, position, overlapping, depth of field, warm/cool contrasts, transparency, context/viewpoint, saturated/desaturated, value contrast and spatial relationships.

size: 9"x12"
media: gouache, watercolour paper, card stock

linocut for printmaking assignment #2

linocut print

more tree-rat fun!


Pervert's Guide to Cinema

We watched this recently. If you are as much into psychology, philosophy, films and documentaries as I am, you'll prolly appreciate this. Was screened at last year's Toronto International Film Festival. Here's a clip:

explody with cuteness!



Starbucks or...

phil hanson rocks.


I know this is old news, but I just around to reading PC World's "The 50 Most Important People on the Web". Did anyone else notice that of the 50 there were only 4 women, 3 Asian men, and 1 queen of all media?

Oh and the other 42?

It's whole wack of white guys!

BTW - I had to turn word verification back on. Spammers suck.



I have 2 major projects due tomorrow! Besides that I'm feeling much better now. So much so that I miss actually having a life outside of school and my home. As Raymi so eloquently puts it...

le sigh.

In the meantime, enjoy this:


Can't get enough of complaining, whining or bitching?

Well then you've come to the right place!

The last few days have been way below normal temperatures, super dry weather and extreme winchills. Today it's not too bad, and all the snow is starting to melt.

Why poopee, you say, you should be happy it's warming up and the sun is shining!

My response: I wish I could be. For someone who is allergic to molds and dust it's pure hell. For the last 2 weeks, I've had an inflammation of the nasal passages and a sinus headache with serious light sensitivity from all the massive weather changes we've been having. I'm taking (legal) drugs like crazy, just so I can get out of bed and not have to wear sunglasses, even indoors. At least it hasn't turned into a cold and my period is mostly over.

Besides all that school is going super well. I finally got a couple of homework things back, so I'll be posting more photos soon. I am also killing in my critical theory class, I got 96 on my mid-term and have started tutoring one of my classmates.

Oh yeah, here is the a shot of my window painting, after session #5, which I did a couple of weeks ago and forgot to link here.

Previous sessions


dear period that came 5 days early,

fuck you.

i want to die.

love always,

poopee shm-oh-my-gawd-get-me-some-painkillers-please

p.s. i don't have any photos from my birthday dinner, which was the most deeeeeeelicious meal i've had in a long, long time, because we were all too dumb to bring a camera and my camera batteries were dead. sigh. then we forgot to take pictures of my cake, before we ate the whole thing. so yeah, sorry or whatever. i'm going to go back to bed now, lie in the fetal position and cry myself to sleep.