the spring cleaning that never ends

After watching The Passionate Eye last night, I had a little trouble sleeping.

Hey! That means it's the perfect time for another hilarious movie to
improve morale! Witness the glory that is Ron Burgundy.


testing again

now with publishing deliciousness

testing the mail-to-blogger address

hope this works


i am no survivor

Spending time at my cottage has made it quite clear to me that I couldn't survive alone in the wilderness if my life, and the lives of others, depended on it.

Oh...and if I don't have a rock hard ass by the end of the summer, there is no god. It's a 10 minute hike downhill to get to the water and cabin, but a 20 minute hike back up to the road.


so...what's next?

Hey there folks,

Just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive, and yes, we had a VERY successful opening accross the board. Three separate media outlets shot footage at a couple of venues in The Junction. Though unfortunately none at our location. I did get lots of great feedback about my work and I even sold a painting!

I've had no more than 5 hours sleep a night for the last week, so I'm going to go lie down now and sleep for 3 days.