All we got for christmas was...

We had a great time this year. It was hard to leave my parents' place on Christmas day, especially since my whole extended family was there AND my cousin Marie announced that her soon to be baby was actually going to be TWINS - the first set EVER in our family!!!

Anyway, for those of you who are innerested here's what we got.

- green amber bracelet my brother brought back from his vacation in the Dominican Republic
- a mini-moose
- some cash from both of my grandmothers
- socks
- red long sleeve cotton top
- my very own custom-made skirt from Dirty Skirty (My friend Kate Jackson's new clothing company selling stuff out of Peachy Fresh in Yorkville)
- some yarn

- Black Death Malt Liquor t-shit
- grey t-shirt
- socks
- gift certificate to Old Navy
- set of motorola walkie-talkies for the cottage
- bottle of red wine from the Dominican Republic

- dark blue table runner
- 2 hand thrown clay wine goblets with cobalt blue and black glaze
- 7-cup Cuisinart food processor
- beautiful white quilt with blue and yellow applique made by kirk's mum
- quilt rack - made by kirk's mum & dad
- set of 12 wine glasses
- some placemats
- lots of candies and chocolates
- lots of gourmet coffees and cookies from gift baskets my father had received (he works in the construction business and gets TONS of that shit at Christmastime)
- set of blue jersey sheets
- couple of Christmas tree ornaments
- antique crystal salt & pepper shakers
- antique glass butter dish
- antique green glass
- neat little magnetic screwdrivers
- small plastic massager with nubby wheels you rub all over your back (mmmmm...)
- glass candy dish
- ceramic Christmas tree
- mini Christmas house thingy that lights up
- knitted dishcloth
- a fire's worth of firewood
- a whole whack of leftovers

- hand sewn, plush zebra pattern dog bed from his Uncle Missy
- rawhide chews

- catnip mice

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