so i'm leaving again

go go go

Going up to the cottage once again for a whole week. I'm sequestering myself there to finish about 10 - 15 drawings for this art show thing I'm working on for September.

It's also Kirk's birthday on Monday, so there will be cake and r/c toys galore to keep him happy next week while I'm working away.

I've got 2 new paintings almost done. I plan to do at least 1 or 2 more, so when I get back I will post some photos for your viewing pleasure. Oh yeah, and I start school in 3 weeks. YOWZA.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good week and thank you to Squid, Wendy, Dave, IronicSimplicity and ThaMonkey for your encouragement and well wishes. I really appreciate you guys.


DJ Cyber-Rap - Stylin' '06 (Profile of a Mac)

DJ Cyber-Rap - Stylin' '06 (Profile of a Mac)



it's SO obvious how much they love jesus


I love Ed Helms.


zefrank is a smart sonamabitch

"Generalized statements, like this, which instill nebulous fear without specific information are exactly in line with the goals in terrorism"

the show with zefrank


i'm baaaaaack!

pebbles 4
4 x (8x10)
acrylic on canvas