i have a new toy

12 inches of pure portable love.

in other new and exciting news, i also have a portfolio interview at ocad on valentine's day. if i get in, i'll be going to school full time in september. i went to the portfolio clinic a couple of weeks ago and got the low down on what to get ready, so i'm working on it. as part of the clinic we got to choose a 4-hour workshop to get an idea of what classes and instructors are like. i chose the encaustic workshop and SO dug the painting with wax. i definitely plan to do it again sometime.

here is the result.

besides the wax, i also used plastic and metal beads and gold leaf. nicole collins was the instructor and is a fantastic artist. you can see some of her work here.

i want one of these for my birthday.



as i've mentioned before, over the last few months kirk and i have been using public transit to get around instead of driving. with the city's problems with traffic and air pollution, it seemed like the logical thing to do.

It takes us each about 35 minutes door to door, driving took about 20. My brother recently moved out and my parents have a free spot in their garage, so we parked betty for the winter. we'll pull her out of storage when we start going back up to the cottage in the spring. -21oC (about -6oF) with the windchill winters are hard on the 18-year old volvo 240DL station wagon. the car is named betty after the betty page air freshener we bought when we got the car, which was subsequently stolen by some neighbourhood crackheads who went through the car the ONE time i forget to lock the doors. GAH! Damn you crackHEADS!!!

what this means is that i also walk more, which is a good thing since i bailed on the regular exercise thing about 4 months before my wedding, which i've neglected to post about but just needed to take a bit of a wedding hiatus. since the wedding i've been battling my inner-self-pitying procrastinatrix. i've started working out twice a week at a gym and it is KICKING MY ASS people.that and i kinda...sorta...well...ok I FUCKING SPRAINED MY ANKLE AGAIN OK. STOP ASKING ME WHAT'S WRONG ALREADY.


oh yes, i am definitely a pleasure to be around right now.


podcasts that ROCK

cbc radio 3: the best coverage of new canadian music EVER.

distorted view: finally, another freak who thinks vomit porn and poop are funny. today's podcast covers news stories: umbrellas in your ass, toothy prostitutes, fuck that cancer away.

channel frederator: sweet cartoon shorts. if you or anyone you know makes animated movies, submit them NOW!!!

ongoing history of new music: the ONLY good thing left about what used to the the best radio in toronto.

happy tree friends: cute AND violent!

tiki bar tv: video podcast of cocktail recipes with kooky story lines and pretty ladies.

any other suggestions?


dj poopee shmoopee's top 50 iTunes downloads of 2005

dear internet,

i'm still here. just busy.

in case you were wondering what the hell i've been doing, here's the short version of what's been going on.

i'm taking an online correspondance course in project management. working on getting all my wedding loose ends tied up. and then there's a nasty sinus infection thing going around that i'm trying to avoid, which is becoming increasingly difficult since we decided to park our car for the rest of the winter. i mean, public transit, while convenient, breeds that kind of viral shit. for christmas my brother got me a membership to the gym he works at, so this week i've started going. since i stopped working out last June i've gained 10 pounds, 2 dress sizes, and a whole lotta clothes that don't fit me so well anymore. must. stop. ass. spreadage. NOW. oh and i'm totally breaking out from the cold, dry weather. and my dust allergies are causing major inflammation in my nasal passage which makes me feel like i have a big gaping whole in the middle of my face, which makes working in a lumber yard just that much MORE fun. did i mention that i've also applied to art school to start full time in september?

yes, that was the short version. trust me, you don't want the long version. my loving and patient husbie can attest to that.

anyway, until my next post, for your listening pleasure, i have posted my very first iMix on the iTunes Music Store titled: the shmoopdeck's top 50 downloads of 2005. enjoy.

don't have iTunes? next time i'll post the playlist, tonight i'm just too damned tired.