i love kitties!!!

I'm sitting here at my part-time job...and Felix, my employer's 7-month old kitten, just jumped up on my big-ass desk chair and lay down behind me (yes, there IS enough room for two!).


life has its ups and downs

1. Dyllon gave me the SWEEEEETEST haircut on Friday night - it's got a neat 30's bob kinda feel to it. I'll try and get a pic up soon. Maybe something before and after-y?

2. Our condo is neat and tidy. (see yesterday's entry for details)

3. The swell folks at the Cabbagetown Pet Valu taught me a new way of holding the Oscar's leash so he doesn't yank my arm out every time I walk him. We've taught him "heel" and I know he knows it...but he's only just over a year and a half and can't contain his excitement. Especially if you say the words: "park" or "play".

1. A new delay means that we now have to wait until the 8th for the property to close instead of this Friday like we were hoping. GAHHHHHHH!

2. My allergies are driving me MENTAL. This year has been the worst EVER for that shiat.

Well, so far I'm 3 for 2 so that's not too shabby!


i am an organizing freak

Kirk and I spent today reorganizing our home office/art studio/workshop space. We were planning on checking out the Word On the Street with my friend Angela, but I couldn't find her phone number anywhere. (Sorry, Angela - I thought I had saved your number in my cellphone phone book but no...all that's there is "41")

It worked out for the best anyway. All of our money is tied up into the closing of our cottage property. Instead of torturing myself with a whole bunch of books that I can't buy, we decided to take the bull by the horns and wrangle our monstrosity of junk into a usable workspace. I can't believe how much shit two people can accumulate over a month and a half. Here's what we found:

- old lump of chewing gum
- dustbunnies the size of a small mammal
- knitting/crochet patterns, yarn, buttons, needles, hooks
- plum pit
- pens, pencils, paintbrushes
- nasty end of Oscar's rawhide chewie
- porn
- business cards
- ashtrays, roaches
- styrofoam containers, jar lids
- magazines, invoices, catalogues, receipts, junk mail, bills, post-its
- dried pools of cat puke
- staples, screws, nails, thumb tacks
- measuring tape
- photographs
- books
- lightbulbs


i love weird movies

Kirk and i watched this movie the other night on one of the movie networks. The acting was solid, the script was well written and it was an interesting take on the standard motley-crew-solves-a-mystery-survives-a-traumatic-event-and-learns-to-work-as-a-team storyline.

Sadly, we missed the end cause we're addicted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I hear they made a sequel last year which basically went straight to video.

Anyone see it?

me wantee smash 'puter

Commenting service up, but email notifications not working.

Maybe I'm just impatient. Hell, I know I'm impatient. I'm so impatient that I tap my foot, drum my fringers AND glance at my watch every 3 seconds while nuking food in the microwave. When I'm at the computer Kirk's nickname for me is "Clicky".

I just like to have things be...well...the way I like them.


That's not too much to ask for is it?


Ok...i'm sleepy now. Time to cozy up against the human furnace.



trying to get a commenting service of some sort on here...wish me luck.

stress makes me nauseous

Kirk and I are trying to buy a cottage and we are 1 week away from our closing date.

Why buy a cottage at 29, when we should be galavanting about recklessly spending all of our hard earned money on drugs, booze and travelling the world you ask??? Here was our reasoning:

1. We wanted to do this before we either get married or start pro-creating. Let's face it, who has spare cash lying around for such an occasion after experiencing either.

2. We wanted to do this before we retire. Who the hell wants to wait that long for something that may never even happen.

3. We figured that after blowing all our savings and acquiring a nifty mortgage on our condo in Cabbagetown in 2000, that this would be a GREAT idea.

4. We'll have an amazing place to go to whenever we need to get out of this stinking city and be one with nature.

So, after all that thinking, we spent a month and a half jumping through hoops to get the finances together.

Now we're stuck in a daily cycle of faxes, phone calls and voicemails between us, our lawyer, the realtor, the mortgage broker and the property vendor's lawyer.


I was hoping this whole experience would be empowering and exciting. Instead I feel nauseous. Go figger.


dogs will eat anything

Yesterday V was telling me that she had to pull a dead bird out of her puppy's mouth recently.

....mmmm....putrid rotting dead bird. Sounds like a tasty treat, no?

Here are some of the things that Kirk or I have coerced Oscar to drop or pried out of his clenched doggy jaws:

- tea bags (he barfed for a few hours afterwards - scared the shite out of us)
- dog/cat food (this one is his favourite - it's the first thing he goes for whenever we visit someone with a dog or cat)
- tomatoes off the plants on the deck (damn him! i loved those tomatoes)
- rotting food out of a garbage bag left out on the sidewalk
- Kirk's stinky wool socks
- Missy's takeout pizza slice
- newspaper
- used tampons or pads out of the bathroom garbage (man, I HATE it when he does that)
- frisbees
- slobbery sticks
- opened tin cans out of the recycling bin
- slobbery tennis balls
- dog shit (hard or soft, new or really old - oscar had no visible preference)
- a mummified bird wing
- toilet paper
- newly dead bird
- cat turds from the litter box (made his breath smell NASTY for a few hours)
- my underwear (shudder - next to tampons, this is the most disturbing one for me)