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acrylic on canvas

Today is a ridiculously beautiful day, but my allergies are going HAYWIRE. I've taken pills and nose spray but I still have a headache and my eyes are seriously light sensitive. As much as I'd love to be down by the beach RIGHT NOW, with the amount of pollen, the wind and high humidity it's best I stay inside. Le sigh.

We took Oscar and Luna (our 14-year old cat) to the vet this morning. Oscar was happy until we got him up on the table. He took his shots like a real trooper. Luna on the other hand started growling loudly as soon as I opened the door to her carrier. Everyone in the waiting room heard her spitting and screaming at the vet and me. He had wanted to clip her nails, but she was so pissed off he couldn't. Actually she hasn't let us clip them since we got the dog - 5 YEARS AGO! He told me the only was would be to sedate her - which would cost me $250. Yeah, like that's going to happen.


Last night I ate the largest boneless chicken roti I have ever seen

Seriously. I don't usually overeat but it was so good I just couldn't stop.

Usually we eat dinner before 8pm but it was 8:30 before we made it to Cool Runnings Carribean Restaurant and I was so hungry my stomach was hurting.

Dudes, I think that roti was actually bigger than my stomach, because about 20 minutes after eating it, my stomach started to hurt again. Bad news.

We walked home and for a moment there I actually considered purging it but realized how stupid that would be especially since it was in there by my own choice, and I remembered the last time I barfed. No thanks!

Anyway, the moral of the story is, when you're not hungry anymore, and there is still food on your plate...STOP.


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Hey ya'll! I know for the last while I've been a bit of a blogbot, however, dear internet, it's about all I've had to give, of late. I just got a new part-time job, working on campus and have applied for a couple more which will start in the Fall. I've started a couple of new paintings, and am still getting used to our new home.

I also just started a Intro to Communication Studies: Media Messages and the Cultural Landscape. The prof is David McIntosh and I really like him. He's upfront, interesting and engages us in the discussion instead of lecturing (well it helps there are only 20 people in the class). The only homework I have, besides exams, is to write a weekly entry about my experience with media (any method of communicating messages) in relation to whatever issues we explore in the previous class.

So guess what guys... pretentious art school writings = easy, blogtastic must reads! HAHA suckers! Ahem.

I also have a list of things I've been thinking about sharing with you all, my steadfastly loyal 20 readers, here at the blog. Where should I start?

  • cute pictures and/or videos of my pets
  • written school assignments
  • old notes my friends and I passed to one another in high school
  • my old teen angst-filled journals
  • slideshows/videos of my process in art making
  • more links!


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i made this for you!


right after i spent half an hour enjoying fussy's http://eden.muxtape.com/

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