mmmm...smells liiiike....

I can't believe I'm up so early. I guess I'm excited!

Kirk baked cinnamon rolls last night. sooooo gooooooood.

We're going to spend a some time with our families for the rest of the week. First to my parents for the traditional Italian Christmas Eve fish/seafood dinner and then on Christmas Day we're driving out to Kirk's parents' place (2 hour drive) where we'll stay for a few days.

I've actually been looking forward to Christmas this year, which kinda surprises me 'cause usually I'm depressed (like everyone else it seems). When I was 14, my grandfather was dying of lukemia over the Christmas holidays. He died near the end of January and it left all subsequent Christmases feeling empty and sad. Grandpa was the Christmas-iest person I ever knew.

Every Christmas we travelled to my grandparents house for a giant Italian feast and Grandpa would unveil his latest "presepio", which is essentially a diorama of the birth of Jesus with the manger being the central focus. Grandpa's presepio was extremely elaborate and quite a sight. There were mountains and grottoes with hundreds of figurines including angels announcing the birth, the three wise men on their journey to deliver their gifts, shepherds tending to their flocks, carpenters building stuff, small houses lit up in celebration and even miniature christmas trees. Every year he sought to out do himself. My favourite was when he added a small pond with ducks and swans and a working waterfall. As a child I could sit for hours just looking at it, imagining stories for the little scenes Grandpa had lovingly created.

I decided that this year, in honour of my grandfather, I would scrap my usual cynicism and make the most out of this holiday. I've spent the last few weeks crocheting and painting gifts for the people in my life that mean something to me and I've enjoyed every single moment of it. Plus I LOOOOOVE giving presents! While receiving is fun, giving is the best part for me. I can't believe how much stuff I made (I'll post pics to my art site over the next week or so). I even got a REAL tree (I've always had artificial ones - UGH I know) decorated with ornaments Kirk has received from his parents since his childhood. Awwwwwww...Gives me the warm & fuzzies.

Oh Grandpa, I miss you!

*sniff *

Yes, I'm a sap.

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