I'm super STOKED, yo.

Tomorrow is my last day working for Beth!!! WOOOHOOO!!!

I'm showing Penny (my replacement) the ropes and she's going to be AWESOME for Beth. Way better than me considering how not effective I've been for the last couple of months, oh yeah...and her 40 years of experience. I feel kinda silly walking her through everything, but I guess at least she'll understand how I've been doing things and will have a better idea of where to find everything.

ALSO, I've put together a little page of my show info. Figured I'd make the most of my .mac account while I still have it.

Anyway, here's an update on where I'm at with the show:

I'll be installing 15 digital shots (13" x 19"), plus 5 paintings. The photos I used to paint them will be framed (5" x 7") and hanging alongside the paintings. Have the frames, haven't yet printed the shots. Seriously people, this was the hardest part. I have over 5000 photos sitting on my mac's backpack drive. Took me FOREVER to figure out which ones I wanted to use.

All the photos are for sale, plus I'll be offering additional digital prints at a reduced price, in case people can't afford the pricy $175 a piece. The paintings are already spoken for, but I'm hoping to have another show in the summer of just paintings, this will basically be jsut a preview of my work - AND I'm going to make myself available for comissioned pet portraits if anyone checking my shit out is innerested.

I had considered having someone else print my photos for me (which really would have been faster and less of a pain in the ass) but I'm kinda on a tight budget so it's taking a little longer than I had expected. I'm stuck having to re-print almost ALL of my shots, since I was an ass and didn't bother to do any test prints OR bother to write down what print settings I used and went ahead and printed anyway on my $5.00/sheet premium quality glossy paper. 5 done. 10 left to go....sigh...oh yeah...plus the 5 smaller shots.

I've got all of my frames which were pretty cheap but look good. I'll need to put in my own hanging hardware since the shit that comes with SUCKS.

Still waiting to hear back from our venue to find out if they're hanging everything for us or if we have to do it ourselves. Everything will be displayed against brick walls that will probably just be screwed into. There's 4 of us exhibiting at the one location, so odds are he'll want to take care of it. Hopefully I can just stand there, looking pretty and direct them, which is MY FAVOURITE.

Not sure what we're all going to do yet, but I'm sure it will be nice. There are 9 venues in our little area that are working together on promoting it to the public, all opening simultaneously, so hopefully we'll get a lot of traffic off the street, beyond our friends and family.

There will be a silent auction to close up our participation in Contact, which is yet another piece to print and frame.

Excited with a hint of panic...but way less stressed than I've been over the last few weeks. I'm learning a lot about how all this art-show-stuff works and am glad that next time I'll be able to just whip through everything.


2 more weeks

currently, i have both a) 2 weeks to go for Contact; and b) 2 weeks to go before my job ends.

ok guys, i think i'm kinda freaking out.

everyone keeps telling me i shouldn't be.

that i have nothing to worry about.

shouldn't that be reassuring?

why am i so worried?


It's official

HUZZAH!!!!! The CONTACT Toronto Photography Festival website is now up and I'm listed!!!!



If you're in Toronto on Wednesday, April 14th 2004, you should check out my friend Kate Jackson and her Dirty Skirty clothing line at the "Have A Heart" Fashion Gala in support of the Canadian Red Cross.

On a more somber note.


are you registered?

To all my American friends - Don't forget to register!


I didn't sell a damned thing at my show last Sunday. Most of the people that showed up were students of the studio...so I guess I don't feel so bad.


OK...I so want to so be able to post pictures to my blog. Too lazy to figure it out. Need help. Suggestions?

lovin' that daylight savings time

Don't get me wrong. As far as jobs go, it's not so bad. No dress code. I get to pick the days that I work. Take as many breaks as I need. Take as long as I need for lunch. There's two house kitties to keep me company. No office politics. I've learned a lot about managing the day to day operations of a business. And I've even become friends with the person who employs me. The pay is not the best but it's not exactly minimum wage. Despite all of that, two weeks ago today I gave my notice. It's becoming harder and harder to spend two days a week sorting through the constant disorder of someone elses personal and business affairs. I'd much rather be managing my own.

Spent all day yesterday with Natalie painting a massage therapy clinic space. It's a great room in a big old house that was converted to office space a couple of decades ago. We've got to go back on Friday for a last round of touchups and to paint the door. I can't remember when I last had so much fun working so hard.

We're only a few weeks away from Contact 2004 and I'm getting really excited slash nervous. I still have to finish getting my photos printed and framed. Everything's going to be for sale, but I think I'm going to offer unframed signed prints as well. Also still need to work out my pricing too.

My work. For sale.