Ahhhh...nothing says "you're an old bag" quite like a hangover.


feel better beth!!!

Beth had a migraine today, so we had to postpone our dinner tonight. I was looking forwad to it, but I know how hard her headaches are on her. There's no way she should be anywhere other than her bed. Her headaches can trigger seizures. So Kirk and I had sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner. We also watched The Office. I seemed to have caught it for the last 2 or 3 episodes and I think it's one of the funniest, most terrifying shows I've ever seen. The Ulimate Weasel Central.

I was over at Kate's place yesterday to take some photos of her artwork for portfolio website in exchange for some kickass new apparel. Kate has a line of clothing called Dirty Skirty, which she is selling out of Fresh Baked Goods' Fresh Collective store on Queen West. She makes great skirts and earrings and shirts, soon bags and other goodies. I'm just burning a CD of the shots I took. As soon as I she gets her site up I'll post a link to it. I'm also bartering my photography skills for time in Katrina's art studio. In the spring I'll be painting my massage therapist's office in exchange for free massages. YAY bartering.

The more I use my camera the more I realize I want this camera.

1.5 more days!!!



So far, Beth is taking me out to dinner on Thursday, then Kathleen and I are going out on Friday night, then Kirk and I are going to spend the day outside on Saturday (this IS a special occasion after all), then a romantic dinner for 2 THEN we will party our asses off. I don't really drink that much any more (mostly since I quit smoking cigarettes), but it will SO be worth it. On Sunday, my parents are having a little thing for me and you know it just wouldn't be the same unless I was extremely hung over.

nothing says i love you like...

So I'm sitting here reading barefootgeek and The Poupee is sitting in my lap (I was going to say on...but she's practically in there, so...). She's purring away, butting her head against my arm all sweetly-like and suddenly her whole body start rocking. Next thing I know, she horks up the biggest hairball I've ever seen. Good thing I shoved her off of me as fast as I could, or it would have ended up on my lap instead of on my foot. yum.


IS it OK that I'm bored?

I just spent the day sorting through a kajillion receipts and bills and reports and shit, to get Beth's taxes done. It's fucking insane what a person has to go though. Maybe that's why I this time of year is so depressing for a lot of people. I suppose it's a small price to pay to stay out of workplaces like Weasel Central (Ren, we gotsta get you out).

Regardless of what I said earlier, I am excited for my birthday. Kirk's mum sent me some birthday money, which was super nice and totally unexpected. That means I now can go to the yarn factory outlet on a yarn shopping spree. NEAT. Kirk also gave me an early birthday present when he said he was cool that I dip into our savings to buy some new clothes. I'm in serious need of pretty things.

5 days left

In the past, when someone I knew turned 30 I would calmly reassure them that "it's only a number and it doesn't really mean anything". Now that it's my turn, I'm trying desperately to hold on without freaking out (unsuccessfully). That's why I've ordered left it to Kirk and Missy to plan things this year because a girl should'nt have to plan her own fucking party goddamnit.


6 days to go...

until my 30th birfday!


now with spanking new stuff!

Finally finished updating my photo galleries with photos of my crochet projects, some new oil paintings and some shots of Oscar and La Poupee.


happy friday the 13th

My massage therapist gave me a fitness assessment today and she proclaimed me so fit, that if she had met me today for the first time, she'd never have guessed that I had been mowed down by a brainless fucking moron in a minivan.


What a great day.


concentration beyond my reach today

Yesterday I got so much done here at work. I was so proud of myself. Today I can't seem to concentrate on anything more complex than checking each of my 7 email accounts every 30 minutes.

A few days ago Missy lent me some of her new CDs. I don't really listen to the radio much unless it's the CBC or Jazz FM. I throroughly enjoy all styles of music, but would not consider myself an afficionado by any stretch of the imagination. I just appreciate good music whether it's the blues, bluegrass, folk, country, R&B, hip hop, punk, rock, jazz, pop, reggae, classical or anything in between.

There's a serious lack of original musical programming out there (CFNY was so great in the 80's - truly the spirit of radio. Now it's just the edge - though I still catch Alan Cross' Ongoing History of New Music from time to time). I get pretty bored of most popular music about 3 weeks after it's release so I've come to depend on Missy to bring me up to speed on what else is out there.

Over the last year she's introduced me to The Darkness, Andy Stochansky, Deadbolt, and Princess Superstar among others.

Now she's lent me:

* Peaches - Fatherfucker
We went to see Peaches at the Guvernment a few months ago when she was on tour supporting this album. I think she's a fucking genius.

* Michael Franti and Spearhead - Everyone Deserves Music
I haven't listened to it all in it's entirety yet, but from what I've heard, the mix of hip hop rhythms, jazz, reggae and rock influences and socially conscious lyrics is EXACTLY what the world needs right now.

* K-OS - Exit

This is THE best hip hop album to come out of Canada so far. Read a review.

What are you listening to right now?

Officially the lamest test EVER

take it like you know you want it


We shall slack no longer...well...mostly not...sort of...

I can't believe how much CRAP one person, nevermind two people, can collect. Well, no matter, Kirk sure made it all look purdy.

We have a 350 square foot space upstairs that once was an attic with a sharply slanted ceiling which makes most of the space useless for anything other than storage. And boy, did we store a ton of shit! Well, not actual shit, but just lots of stuff, y'know?

Anyway, most of it had been jammed at random into whatever open space was available, and it was generally impossible to find anything you think you might have remembered possibly being up there. Then there's all the stuff you totally forgot you had and had been thoughtlessly tossed aside, into an half-empty box.

Oh yeah, and a home office (with 3 desks, 2 computers, photoprinter, fax/copy/printer combo , typewriter, files and office supplies), a workbench (with hand and power tools, drill press), a sewing table (with machine and trunk of fabric and yarn), a fish tank and gardening supplies.

It was a pretty scary place to hang, and not the kind of place you could imagine getting anything actually done - somehow now it all works. I actually like working up here. Well for one thing, it's the cleanest it's been in months. And he did it all with NO prodding or even any asking at all.


I love my man.

wite-out is fun!!!!

I've been concealing a line of fax information on a 50-page document for the last hour. WOOOHOOO!!!


Happy Birthday Natalie!

Today is Nat's birthday and we're having some people over for breakfastables to celebrate. Here is the menu:

Scrambled eggs
bagels with cream cheese
Frech toast with blueberry maple syrup
turkey bacon



let's talk about the weather

Like everyone else in Toronto, I'm really starting to get tired of the snow and cold now. After Monday's news that Wiarton Willie (Canada's groundhog supreme) saw his own shadow, preducting 6 more weeks of winter I just about had a conniption. My face is covered in dry skin and blemishes from the the cold, wind and wearing a scarf wrapped around my face while I'm outside.

I have to admit though that it IS nice out today which is good (yeah, a sunny -14 degrees celcius). BUT, because it's sunny everything's sorta melty, but it's not cold enough to stay liquid for very long. By tonight it'll all freeze into huge sheets of ice. YAY.

What sucks the most is the number of homeless people in Toronto that will once again be stuck making a choice between spending the night in the freezing cold or in an overcrowded, tuberculosis ridden shelter.