happy hoho

mustaches for kids update : $3633.18 raised.
ok so here is kirk's week 5 'stache.

thanks to everyone for their kind words. my aunt was a fantastic lady and a gifted artist. i'm really going to miss her.

like many, i've been sucked into the christmas vortex and am busy as all hell (which is kinda weird because i'm pretty sure i'm not a christian anymore). i think we're having dinner with friends and/or family every day for the next 9 days and won't have much time for you, dear internet.

that being said, i sincerely wish you some relaxing, guilt-free holidays.

stressed-out guilt is for LOSERS.

p.s. vote for chris christmas rodriguez.


Last night my Aunt Debby died

She died of complications following a year long battle with some weird fucked up form of brain cancer. Originally, I wrote this big long post about how the medical community doesn't know shit about assisting dying people to die with dignity. But when I re-read it it was mostly incoherent, so I'll post again later.


1 week to go!

Mustaches for Kids Toronto has raised almost $2200 so far and 1 week left before the big mustache ball. Kirk went to get his Week 5 photo taken tonight, but here's the Week 4.

This is my most recent painting. It's from a photo given to me by my friend Howard. It's is his village in Newfoundland.

On the way home last night from a massage (oh god, EVERYONE should have one) I passed this house. I was momentarily blinded by its radiance and had to go back and take a picture.
christmas vacation

This is what my neighbourhood looked like this morning.
Dec 9 2005  7:30am
Since I woke up late, it was a bit of an inconvenience. That's because everyone in Toronto is retarded the first time the snow flies. For examples, read THIS and THIS. What makes driving in Toronto even more terrifying than a measely 10 cm (4in) snowfall? THIS.

I currently am sifting through 600 photos to sort out an online photo gallery of the wedding and another 300 for the honeymoon. It's taking longer than I had expected it would. It's coming soon, I promise.