i like steve!

We're at the tail end of getting things set for our registration with Contact which is due tomorrow. So far this is all gone waaaaaaay smoother than I had anticipated. Working on this with someone else definitely makes it a hell of a lot more fun. Steve and I have a lot of the same artistic aspirations, interests and goals so it seems there's a lot we can do to support one another. YAY! We hadn't really had a chance to hang out much in the last year or so, so it has been great catching up with him. Anyway, once I have the final details of the show, I will post them here so all you Toronto folks can drag your lazy asses out to check out my shit.


i like snow but hate the cold.

Had a really bad headache yesterday. Today is better so I decided to brave the nasty weather and come in to work. Except now, I wish I had stayed at home.


A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.


Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...


sleep is good

I've been going like stink for the past week or so. Today it is time to RE-lax. Well, at least until about 2ish when Kirk and I set out for my grandma's birthday party.

I noticed that I was starting to get a little testy last night while I was cooking dinner (mmmmm...lasagne...mmmmmm). I kept dropping stuff, knocking things off the counter and absentmindedly lapsing into that tone of voice that Kirk loves soooo much.

Maybe it's just PMS...



Well as you can see, blogging has certainly not been on my list of priorities of late. Things have been a lit-tle crazy.

I've been working on getting some new pics of my artwork up on my .mac website (well...still working on it). Last week I finished a portrait of my pup Oscar and I thought it was about time that some recent stuff got up there. Frankly, I think it's my best work so far. The 8-10 hours a week I spend at Katrina's private studio has REALLY paid off. The whole time I was painting it, I felt so amazingly confident. When I was done it took my breath away - I thought "Wow, I'm a real artist". CRAZY.

I also started a new part-time gig, well, short-term actually. I'll be coordinating (with Steve) the Contact Photography Festival for one of the local BIA's. Basically we have until the 30th of the month to get all the venues and photographers together, which will be a little tight but we don't care 'cause it's going to be KICKASS! Oh, did I mention that I'm going to enter a few of my own photos in the exhibition? WOOOHOOO!!!!! I'll get to hang with my friends, throw a few opening parties and have my work seen by hundreds of people over the whole month of May!

I've been wanting to exhibit a show of my paintings for a while now, but haven't really felt ready to do it. This newest painting (photos soon - I promise) is definitely showable, so I just need to paint many more of them (I'm thinking of a series of pet portraits) to have enough to have an actual exhibition - but then this opportunity arose to show some of my digital photography off (most of my photos were taken with the hope of turning them into paintings someday). So, now here's a chance to cut my teeth without having the time to really worry too much about it. I'll have a kajillion other things on the coordination side (thanks goodness) to preoccupy my obsessively churning mind.

The other thing that's frickin' awesome about all this is that it's the perfect opportunity to take my corporate(whore)-world skillz and apply them to something in the arts community.

Oh yeah...and it PAYS :)


Life is pretty damned good right now, I must say. Now I just have to figure out how to get some of that shit thrown Ren's way...hmmm...ideas?


now with comment-y goodness

comments back up!



sorry about all the errors. comments are down right now. the provider i used is being taken over by haloscan. Will hopefully have them back up this weekend.


The Darkness | Men What Do Rock, Baby

Last night a few friends and I went to see The Darkness at the Pheonix Concert Theatre. THEY FUCKING RAWK.


Monobrow.com - Celebrating the Unity of Your Eyebrow

My dad has a monobrow...though in our house we called it a unibrow.


According to this test, I am an INFJ. What are you?


I knew it!


new year's resolutions anyone?

Kirk and I spent the last week purging our stuff and rearranging our furniture to better suit how we use everything. It gave me an opportunity to reflect on my life and life-style, and think about what I like (want to keep) and don't (want to trash).

BEHOLD - my 2004 new year's resolution:

In 2004, I will DO things, not just TALK about doing them.

Yep, that's it.

For so long I've been felt like an incomplete person who wanted nothing more than to be happy. But what does that mean, really, HAPPY? It's so arbitrary and fleeting, why resolve to be something I can't control with so many happiness-party-poopers out there.


Let me explain. If fulfillment is a by-product of DOING (challenge or not), then to DO, I must :

* be fearless in asking for help/accepting help when I need it,
* allow myself to make mistakes and to learn from them, and
* accept myself as I am (good and bad alike),

So that I can GROW and ACHIEVE and feel FULFILLED.

Yes folks, I know this all sounds hokey, but I think I've been going about this all wrong my whole life. I mean, I could have resolved to lose weight, or eat better or exercise more, or a whole litany of things I want to change (like in past years), but in the end the beauty of this resolution is that I can apply it to every facet of my life - health, art, work, relationships, ANYTHING - and not get all bogged down in the details.

I mean, all I really need to do is TRY and I'm living up to this resolution, right?

*sigh* I guess I should get started by getting back to work now ;)

britney did whaaaaaaaat?

Who gives a crap?

No really...