so that thing i did the other day was attend a gala reception for the toronto french theatre's 40 year anniversary. my mom needed a date, so i went. it was...interesting.

well, the most interesting part was trying to get a picture of the governer general who was there and being blocked by her security. oh that and the bottle of wine my mom paid for but didn't drink.

so. much. homework. right now. i tried reading the news but i just ended up being all depressed. sigh. i think i'm totally PMSsing.


raymi lauren said...

oh right now i remember

Dave said...

Sorry to hear you're pms'ing shmoops...

Hope things are looking up by now.

poopee shmoopee said...

raymi: most of he attendees were over 60. so. much. fun. well the free food and drink was fun.

dave: what can you do. s'the way things go.