it's all grist for the mill

So, I'm kinda freaking out right about now.

I have less than a month left for school and have so much homework, that I'm a little worried about getting it all done. I've been so distracted 'cause for the last 4 weeks we've been looking at houses, bidding on houses, walking away from bidding deals gone wrong, then doing it all over again.

I'm also finishing packing for our move to my parents' place, which is happening this weekend. I mean, packing what was left after we moved stuff out in August. We're about 70% done.

I'm also kinda sad about leaving this place we've been in for the last 7 years. Walking everywhere, 100 restaurants within a 3-minute radius, being a 15 minute bike ride to school, lovely old victorian houses, sigh, I'll even miss some of the panhandlers and crackheads. OK, I won't rally miss them, but my point is that living here has been a rich, textured experience. This is the first home Kirk and I made together.

I know in the grand scheme of things, these are trivialities compared to the reality that many people in the world have to live with, but hey, they're not trivial to me.


Now I'm getting all defensive and weepy. It's prolly just the PMS or maybe it's the rain making my broken toe (yes broken) ache. I'm driving Kirk and others crazy with my emotional bi-polar-like outbursts over all this shit, but I can't help it.


Bostick said...

Today is Thanksgiving!

Kathy said...

You're right though - sadness is relative and just because someone is suffering from larger problems doesn't mean you don't have the right to feel your feelings. Once you feather your new nest you'll be amazed by how much you won't miss your old one : )