day 4 - oh joy

This is the view from my kitchen window:

From the way my week has gone, this blog is going to end up being a repository of whining and bitching. BO-RING!

Instead I'll tell you about my homework for Painting Studio. Here's the project description:

Contrast Diptych

Materials: compositional studies; 2 supports (any size) with gesso or other preparation; acrylics (or other media), mediums, equipment; mounting and hanging equipment.

Process: make preliminary studies demonstrating variations on your theme; select and execute, making changes and additions that suppport your subject as you work; hang the work in various relationships using mounting equipment.

Examples of Contrasts:

  • complexity/simplicity
  • organic/geometric
  • warm/cool
  • large/small
  • interior/exterior
  • transparency/opacity
  • painterly/graphic
  • boldness/subtlety
  • linear/curvilinear
  • depth/flatness
  • heavy/weightless
  • male/female
  • accent/neutrality
  • activeness/stasis
  • public/private
  • irrational/rational
  • representational/abstraction
  • romantic/classic
  • asymmetry/symmetry
  • textural/smooth
  • acculturated/primitive
  • blah/blah/blah/you get it
Artists to consider:
I also have to construct my own supports instead of buying them ready made like I've been doing so far. Sooooooo, I'm doing 1 support in door skin and pine and the other support in plexiglas.

I'm still working out the actual painted part.


Dave said...

Is that all you need? 10 minutes, tops...

*ducking as I laugh*

shmoops, you can do it.. I've seen your talent. *S*

I can't wait to see what you've done..

murl said...

WOW what the hell kinda squirrel is that?? we dont got nun of those round dese parts!

poopee shmoopee said...

dave: hah. smartass.

murl: black squirrel. they are mangy vermin that infest most of downtown toronto. some are grey and you sometimes see the occasional red one or even albino one.