nablopomo - i suck

well i lasted longer than i thought i would. 22 postings in 22 days. soooooo clooooooose. sigh.

i've been moving and unpacking some stuff over the last 3 days. that plus homework means i've been putting in about 14 hours a day working and i want to lie down and sleep for a week. unfortunately it's the last 3 weeks of the semester, so i actually have MORE work to do. plus we're still looking for a new home.

oh and on thursday i had the absolute WORST cramps of 2007. we drove up to the lawyers' to sign all the closing documents in advance of tuesday's closing. that was the first snowfall of winter and the roads were pretty shitty. the whole drive back i was experiencing motion sickness and had to get kirk to pull over cause i thought i was going to barf. i didn't but when i got home i had some gingerale and felt a bit better. then i had a serious craving for steak and made kirk go out and get me one from the pub, which i inhaled in about 3 seconds. if i could find my camera cable i'd show you what it really looked like. this is the closest thing i could find on the innernet. it was medium rare and extremely delicious.

because i was so out of it, kirk rented a movie - slither.

needless to say, half way through it i started sweating and feeling uncomfortable. within minutes i was in the bathroom ralphing my whole delicious steak and frites dinner. it felt like i was giving birth through my mouth. i even had bits of steak and parsley and fries in my nose. then i took a handful of advil and slept for 10 hours.
we spent all day saturday and today moving the rest of our stuff with the station wagon and my dad's truck. last week i tried to convince kirk to rent a cube van and do it all in one trip, but he's pretty stubborn, so it's taken us the whole 2 days to get the rest moved. NEVER AGAIN BABY, NEVER AGAIN. kirk just went back to the loft for one last trip and is dropping off the keys tomorrow. poor shmoopee.


Dave said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well shmoops... and I hope you're better today! ~hug~

Valency said...

Not to get all bonding-nature-girl-ish, but my period was PARTICULARLY WICKED this month, too!! I need to have a word with the moon or Raymi or whatever is causing this phenomenon...

Get back on the horse and blog, baby!

Dave said...

Come on shmoops... now I'm having withdrawal symptoms! *LOL*

Mallow said...

poor shmoo I hope you get better soon.

Bostick said...

DAMN that shit looks good! You ever see Sasquach where you live?

poopee shmoopee said...

dave: thanks shmoopee!

valency: dude you slay me with your fabulousness

dave: i'm working on it. i finally got my computer hooked up after days and days and days.

mallow: thanks lady. i'm so much better i can't even tell you.

bostick: i know it makes my mouth water just looking at it. mmmm...i have not seen the actual sasquatch, but i HAVE seen a number of ladies who ride around in scooters because they're too fat to walk that might qualify.

Mirabel said...

Interesting to know.