day 5 - rollercoaster of love

Here are some studies I did for my Materials and Process class, with Nicole Collins. The assignment was to experiment by tinting some gessoed and sized papers with pigments, then draw or paint on them with different media.

Here are the gessoed papers:

200lb watercolour paper primed with acrylic medium
dry rubbed with raw pigments
drawn with charcoal
painted in gouache

140lb watercolour paper primed with acrylic medium
washes of pigment, water and medium and scraped back with plastic knife in multiple layers painted inks

90lb watercolour paper primed with acrylic medium
dry rubbed with turmeric, saffron and cinnamon
penned and blown inks

The sized papers were sized with rabbit-skin glue (if you are a vegan, I'm fully aware of the ramifications, now go eat a bowl of jell-o and be quiet) are around here somewhere, will post photos of those as soon as I can find them.


Dave said...

Wow, those are really gorgeous shmoops!!!

Tha Monkey said...

Hmmm, rabbit skin glue, eh? No one who was in grade school in the late 70s/early 80s can really say anything...we had horse glue.

Mallow said...

these are very cool! I bet the one with turmeric smells good. I'm guessing that priming these papers first allows you to push the pigments around more without them getting absorbed into the paper's fibers?

poopee shmoopee said...

mallow: smells sooooooooo fragrant. lovely. yeah, also unsized watercolour paper has a tendency to pill and degrade if you rub it too much.

with the purple and gold one piece, though, that's the effect i wanted. i used a plastic knife to scrape away at the layers of red and blue washes of paint (mixed acrylic gel medium, water and dry pigments) which kinda roughed up the surface nicely.