my husband is an rc geek. sort of.

this is his new favourite toy: the WowWee Flytech Dragonfly

this is what they sound like:

i rode my bike today and it was windy, a bitter, bitter wind. my advice to anyone contemplating riding into the wind from west parkdale to cabbagetown on a bike with no gears, post-therapeutic massage and starving cause it was 2 o'clock and you hadn't eaten yet. don't bother.

i had to pull over a couple of times cause my hamstrings and calves felt all explody. i was hoping to make it home to have some tomato soup with grated cheddar cheese and toast but by the time i got to college and grace i felt like i was going to pass out. so i stopped at bar burrito and ate a 8" chipotle steak burrito, then rode home. the burrito was pretty good but i kinda wished i had gone to utopia across the street. oh well.

in other news, i have 2 projects to go before my critical theory final on the 25th. i'm currently working on:
  • a new painting for colour and composition class
  • a 3D model, something architectural, for art and design in the social sphere class.
i'm also working on getting shots of all my drawing and printmaking work so that i can post more for your viewing pleasure.

oh and weirdest connection made recently on facebook: my first boyfriend. yikes!


Dave said...

That is the COOLEST video!
How's Kirk like it???

There's really a place called Cabbagetown???

poopee shmoopee said...

Dave: he hasn't actually bought one yet. he is currently coveting them only. and yes, there IS a cabbagetown!

Valency said...

I can't wait til you post more art!


Boys and their toys... lol...

poopee shmoopee said...

dave: turns out someone at kirk's office just picked on up on their lunch hour and brought it in to work. sweet!

poopee shmoopee said...

valency: thanks! comin' riiiiight up.

Mallow said...

i'm waiting to see your art too :)

.. and you're welcome for the linkage..

Dave said...

*LOL* Great! Have Kirk make a movie and post it here shmoops! (no, not a sex movie......

unless you really want to... *ROTFL*)

Have a great weekend shmoopie!