the landlord

Perez posted a link to this and it was so funny I had to re-post it here for your viewing pleasure.

UPDATE: I had to post a lower res version from youtube cause the original annoyingly starts every time this page reloads.


frogdiva said...

that is so funny

poopee shmoopee said...

i know. it just pisses me off that it plays every time the page loads. gah!

Valency said...

I LOOOOOOVE IT. I watched it on Perez the other day and now I have been forcing everyone to watch it.

It makes me soooo very happy.

Apparently, the dude with Ferrell is his writing partner, and Pearl is the writing partner's daughter.

Fingers crossed that we will see more of Pearl...

poopee shmoopee said...

my favourite line:

i'm going to get my drink on!