i smell

A few years ago, I stopped using anti-perspirant. I was starting to get pimples in my pits and figured that smearing aluminum there every day might not be such a good thing to do. So far natural deoderants seem to work great - as long as I wear clothing made of natural fibers. Right now I'm at work, wearing my favourite black turtleneck sweater. It's acrylic. And I stink - but it's not even a normal sweat stink. It's acrid and makes me want to cry.

I love this sweater but hate that it makes me sweat more and smell after only a few hours. I totally showered today and everything. Ugh.


Aliecat said...

I heard that Adidas for Women deo doesn't have Aluminum in it and works hella good. Maybe you could try it just for when you wear that sweater. Or you could get botox injections in yer pits.

poopee shmoopee said...

aliecat: i don't really like perfumy scents, since i have stupid allergies. but i'll check it out.

botox is gross. so are pit injections. no thanks!

the bottom of the sweater is all frayed at the back and there's a small hole in one armpit anyway so
i think it may just be time to retire it for good.

Aliecat said...

I think they have unscented in the Adidas, but they don't sell it every where. So far I've only seen it at wallgreens.

And I concur on the pit injections...but I did hear that some people actually get their pit glands removed...bizarre

poopee shmoopee said...

i'm not really sweating that much though, that's the most disturbing part.

just clammy 'cause my skin can't breathe.

ugh. gross.

ok. as of now, the sweater is dead to me.

Hedy De Vine said...

I have a polyester shirt that makes me smell all skunky anytime I wear it because I don't wear deodorant either. I have one of those deodorant crystal thingys, but I always forget to use it. Thank goodness my funk smells delicious!

JLee said...

man, I hate when I smell weird. I think it's certain things I eat...not really sure? hehe

Me said...

That is gross. You have hippy natural deo smell and your coworkers know it.

Suck it up and buy some secret. the zits are probably from shaving.

Kathryn said...

i use dove and my pits are puurrty and smoooth as satin.
BUT I have a lot of old sweaters that my gramma gave me and even though they are super fly they make me smell like an old cellar and thats just something everyone will have to deal with because STYLE comes first.

Dave said...

Ya know shmoops.... that's what I like about you. You're not afraid to tackle ANY thought here. (I'm still trying to get the image of your burned nipple out of my mind *chuckling*)

I'm with what others here have said. Plus, there are organic anti-antiperspirants on the market you may want to try.

Good luck.

murl.the.squirrel said...

oh man how much more convenient would life be if you could get yer armpit sweat gland removed?? sign me up.