dear weather,

what is up with you the last few days? hunh?

first we get a foot of snow, then a few days of sun and warm weather where most of the snow melted into a disgusting filty mess and then and i wake up this morning and what do we have?


thundersnow??? seriously????

because now oscar is hiding in the bathroom. and it's your fault.

the infamous outhouse! a.k.a. die auspumpenhutte

i hope it was worth it.


Me said...

That is one of those waterless toilets.

Dave said...

Thundersnow? Wow... you guys get all the cool weather up in Canada.. *LOL*

poopee shmoopee said...

me: that's the shitter up at our cottage. that's what oscar does when it's time to leave and he doesn't want to.

dave: it just dumped about 3 inches of snow, then the temperature warmed up and it all started melting. today it's way below freezing and the city is black ice central.