still full from dinner on Saturday

Kirk's mum and her family usually have a get together a few weeks before Christmas (holy crap it's only a month away). It's usually some kind of potluck affair...but this year, we went to the Mandarin.

'Cause nothing says Christmas like a north americanized chinese buffet. Shit, I can't believe how busy that place gets on a Saturday night...but I guess when you live in Barrie, there ain't much else going on. I couldn't believe how much food people can pack away at that place. Homer Simpson would be proud. I'm still full.

I'll be taking Oscar to the vet tomorrow. He's got this weird rash around his puppy crotch area so I'm thinking it might have something to do with his little bladder control problem. I hope he's OK, and that the vet bill won't be too expensive.

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