i blog with renewed vigour

So I can't friggin believe that my last post was on Monday. Christ on the cross, what's going on?

Well nothing much really. Things are picking up at work. Since I'm only there 2 days a week, I kinda have to pack it all in... the days usually go by super fast. So fast that I haven't spoken to my grandmother yet this week. DAMN. I tried to interrupt her weekly routine last week, by offering to take her grocery shopping with me last Friday, but NOOOOO...she wouldn't do it. My aunt (who lives with her) says I should keep trying. Grandma needs to get used to changing her routine. They'll be moving in a year or so from Willowdale to Brampton, where she'll be living in my aunt's house...instead of the other way around. But she's been living her life with the same schedule for years. But her body just doesn't function like it used to with her arthritis...sigh...poor grandma, she's 50 on the inside but 80 on the outside.

I wonder what I'll be like when I'm 80 and my granddaughter (will I even have any??) forgets to call me.

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