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The second week of school is almost over and it's been pretty good so far.

Except now I'm considering changing my major.

To printmaking.


After only 2 classes. I'm working on some stencils. Photos soon.

It's FUN!

My printmaking prof is Jack Cassady, and of all my homework, it's the only stuff I'm at all excited about.

I feel a little insane.

I guess the thing about it is, is that I LOVE painting, but I guess I'm feeling that I already CAN paint. What's interesting to me right now, is learning new ways of getting colour on paper or canvas. I'm all about the HANDS ON work.

Anyway, the deadline's not until February 2nd. So I won't worry about it yet.

sigh. Why am I here again?


Dave said...

Learning new things is always a good thing shmoops... keeps you diverse!

Here's hoping you really enjoy the new major... and have a great weekend!

Kathy said...

Your instructor's site is amazing. I LOVE his prints and I can see how print-making would be really, really exciting. Interesting to see how some of his acrylic paintings are graphic enough to look like prints as well.