This is what it is like talking to my father.


pip squeak says: (11:18:21 AM)

pip squeak says: (11:18:22 AM)

Dominic :) says: (11:19:28 AM)
poop says hi

pip squeak says: (11:19:33 AM)

pip squeak says: (11:19:41 AM)
who is poop?


pip squeak says: (11:19:44 AM)
i am pip

pip squeak says: (11:19:56 AM)
pip squeak

Dominic :) says: (11:19:59 AM)
yes popo

pip squeak says: (11:20:04 AM)


Dominic :) says: (11:20:33 AM)
poop pop papa

pip squeak says: (11:20:44 AM)
aaaaaaah poopoo aka papa?

Dominic :) says: (11:20:58 AM)

pip squeak says: (11:21:01 AM)
you are weird


Dominic :) says: (11:21:49 AM)
ok so what?

pip squeak says: (11:21:50 AM)
i think i may blog this conversation

pip squeak says: (11:22:01 AM)
it is the weirdest one i've ever had on chat

Dominic :) says: (11:22:24 AM)
what is blog?

pip squeak says: (11:22:28 AM)
oh god


pip squeak says: (11:22:45 AM)
i'm just going to have to go ahead and tell you that you're

pip squeak says: (11:22:53 AM)
too old to understand ;)

pip squeak says: (11:22:56 AM)

pip squeak says: (11:23:02 AM)
it's an online journal.

Dominic :) says: (11:23:41 AM)
please stop harrasing me

pip squeak says: (11:23:54 AM)
ok. i love you. i'm going for a massage now

pip squeak says: (11:23:57 AM)

Dominic :) says: (11:24:21 AM)



Bostick said...

You have instant messenger?

murl.the.squirrel said...

haha that is a strange converasation to be having with yer dad. my dad still has trouble using a remote, i dont know that he could handle an IM.

i like yer dog. i want to squeeze him and kiss his nose.

Hedy De Vine said...

your puppy is too darn cute.

frogdiva said...

this is too funny

poopee shmoopee said...

bostick: yeah. i don't use it much, but if you want me to add you, just email me at theshmoopdeck[at]gmail.com!

murl: he gets a total kick out of IM but has no one except me to chat with, so it's always a good time. oscar is very squeezable and kissable.

hedy: i know. he actually loves getting his picture taken, he will sit there for hours.

frogdiva: thanks mum!

Dave said...

Where's MY massage????

Hedy De Vine said...

poopee! don't give bos your IM--can't you see he's a troublemaker??

poopee shmoopee said...

sorry dave, you'll have to come to canada to get it!

oh hedy. i'm so not worried.

Dave said...

Ok... going to Canada's not a bad thing... but what will Kirk think! *gasp*


Happy New Year shmoops!!!

poopee shmoopee said...

dave: what will your wife say???!!!hahaha...anyway, kirk won't mind. i have a GREAT massage therapist. you'll totally love her.

JLee said...

great photos! so cuuutte...

Wendy said...

I want to hug that poopie...