santa is my bitch

Venture brothers is the best cartoon ever. not everyone gets it, but the more absurd, the better, I say.

Last night we went out for dinner with my parents and my in laws. The food was fantastic. so was the booze. We walked Kirk's parents to their hotel, and then walked home from there.

We were all giddy from actually having a decent time with our parents, and totally started making out as soon as we walked through the door. At some point I felt a little gassy and thought I'd let a little go. Well. It ended up being the most hilariously foul silent but deadly fart ever beefed. A real clinger.

I was horribly embarrassed, but couldn't stop laughing about it. Definitely a mood killer.

Lucky for me, he eventually got over it.

Tonight, Angela joined us for lesbian Christmas Eve potluck with the Melissas (yes, my best friend Melissa dates someone with the same name). They are the raddest bitches. I planned on taking pictures but got ripped pretty much right away and totally forgot.

I drank red wine, limoncello and eggnog spiked with Cuban white rum. I ate a lot too. Eggplant parmigiana, venison meatballs and red cabbage salad with honey mustard dressing. Then I ate a shitload of chocolate and pot butter cookies and we walked Angela to the subway.

Tomorrow will be another whole day of eating with my family. It's a non-stop Italian gorgefest from about 2pm until 6pm. We're going over to my parents a little early, so I can have a run on their treadmill before I get started. I've been slacking off in that department since school ended and I am starting to feel it. Sore neck and lower back, oh and I've started grinding my teeth at night again. Time to wrap that shit up, yo.



Bostick said...

Hi Pooper. I hope you you didnt puke on your tits.

poopee shmoopee said...

thank goodness i've been spared that indignity.

Hedy De Vine said...

i can send you my mouthguard for the teeth grinding if you want. it comes with a nice little neon green box. ha ha.

Dave said...

Wow, I love the wall with the paintings on it! *S*

carrie said...

that's a pretty red sofa.