happy ho ho

I finally finished my christmas shopping today. We tried so hard to do the Buy Nothing Christmas but it is SO HARD not to get something for the people in my life that I love. So Kirk and I decided to limit it to our immediate families. I did make something for a few of our friends, which I'll tell you about later, so I don't spoil any surprises. We decided against mailing out cards this year, and instead have started calling people and trying to hang out instead. Sometimes that's better than getting something you can't use, or being stuck in the malls for more than 30 seconds. I fucking hate malls and this time of year I double hate them. People are rude and blind and stupid.

This year is way better than past years though. The in-laws are coming to Toronto tomorrow, so we'll be spending the day with them. Just ONE DAY. They will be heading out on Sunday morning to Kingston to visit Kirk's sister, her husband, and their super-ultra cute baby son, Kirk. Then we're spending Christmas day with my family and that's it! WOOHOO!

OK. I gotta go finish cleaning house, wrapping presents and decorate our tree. If I don't post again before Monday, peace and love to all, whether you celebrate or not.


frogdiva said...

Well I can't wait for tonight...tomorrow too, like you I hate mall at this time of year...

Hedy De Vine said...

so kirk's sister named her son kirk? whoa--that's a lot of kirks!

happy holidaze!