We shall slack no longer...well...mostly not...sort of...

I can't believe how much CRAP one person, nevermind two people, can collect. Well, no matter, Kirk sure made it all look purdy.

We have a 350 square foot space upstairs that once was an attic with a sharply slanted ceiling which makes most of the space useless for anything other than storage. And boy, did we store a ton of shit! Well, not actual shit, but just lots of stuff, y'know?

Anyway, most of it had been jammed at random into whatever open space was available, and it was generally impossible to find anything you think you might have remembered possibly being up there. Then there's all the stuff you totally forgot you had and had been thoughtlessly tossed aside, into an half-empty box.

Oh yeah, and a home office (with 3 desks, 2 computers, photoprinter, fax/copy/printer combo , typewriter, files and office supplies), a workbench (with hand and power tools, drill press), a sewing table (with machine and trunk of fabric and yarn), a fish tank and gardening supplies.

It was a pretty scary place to hang, and not the kind of place you could imagine getting anything actually done - somehow now it all works. I actually like working up here. Well for one thing, it's the cleanest it's been in months. And he did it all with NO prodding or even any asking at all.


I love my man.

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