let's talk about the weather

Like everyone else in Toronto, I'm really starting to get tired of the snow and cold now. After Monday's news that Wiarton Willie (Canada's groundhog supreme) saw his own shadow, preducting 6 more weeks of winter I just about had a conniption. My face is covered in dry skin and blemishes from the the cold, wind and wearing a scarf wrapped around my face while I'm outside.

I have to admit though that it IS nice out today which is good (yeah, a sunny -14 degrees celcius). BUT, because it's sunny everything's sorta melty, but it's not cold enough to stay liquid for very long. By tonight it'll all freeze into huge sheets of ice. YAY.

What sucks the most is the number of homeless people in Toronto that will once again be stuck making a choice between spending the night in the freezing cold or in an overcrowded, tuberculosis ridden shelter.

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