Slideshow from this past weekend's school bus trip to Pittsburgh, PA

Cause I'm too busy to upload individual images. Anyway, we went to visit the 55th Carnegie International, which was ridiculously amazing. We also visited the Andy Warhol Museum, the Mattress Factory and Wood Street Galleries among others. I'm so frigging tired, but completely inspired. OMG that totally rhymes! (SIGH. that is how out of it I am right now.) I finally got some shots of recently submitted homework, so keep yer peepers peeled!


Mallow said...

oh!, that room with all the bright, geometric paintings all over the wall.. swoon..

Mallow said...

what are you working on lately? showme, showme!

Dave said...

SHMOOPEE!!!! ~big ole huggles~

It's good to see you post again hon.. AND a picture or two of you to boot! (your hair's getting curlier!)

Loved the pictures of your latest adventure... hope to see more soon! *S*
Your old standbye,

Suzanne said...

Love the pictures specially those large glasses....fun....