more proof of my lame-ness

I totally bailed on Raymi's fantastic second art show last night at The Central.

I was all super excited to go, but I had class this morning at 8:30AM in which my first assignment was due. Because I spent the whole weekend recovering from Nuit Blahhhhhhh-nche, I ended up painting most of last night to make up for it.

Oh Raymi, I think the world of you and it is so important that you are pushing the notion that "to be an artist you have to go to art school" out on it's ass. GOOD ON YA.


raymi lauren said...

aw kid it's ok at leas you aren't annihilated out of your brain like i am right now, there's that. we can have another girl movie emo nite soon.

Mallow said...

You and I will go to Raymi's next party. Yes?

Dave said...

you have class ALL the time shmoops, not just in the mornings! *S*

poopee shmoopee said...

raymi: that would be rad.

mallow: yesh!

dave: hah