holy crap it's frigging october!

Dear blog,

I've often thought about you longingly over the last couple of months, but, sadly, you keep jumping to the bottom of my list of things to do. Since my last post, not only have I started school, but I also started working 3 part-time jobs on campus.

Sigh. I know. Waaaaaah. Poor me, I have 1500 photos from the summer that I haven't gone through yet. Waaaaah. I'm basically working a 57-hour work week and paying for the privilege. Waahh. There's still a hole in my new home studio ceiling after 2 months of emails and phone calls to the builder. WAAAAAAAH!

Jeebus. All I can do right now is bitch and moan and it's so frigging boring that I almost fell asleep typing this out. With all the recent politicking and with the economy heading straight for the shitter, the last thing you need is to hear that junk.

So, until I get my shit together long enough to post again, please enjoy this little piece of Canadian heaven:

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Dave said...

Thank GOD you're back shmoops! *big ole huggles*