i like to paint!

malberga002, originally uploaded by poopee shmoopee.

acrylic on canvas

Today is a ridiculously beautiful day, but my allergies are going HAYWIRE. I've taken pills and nose spray but I still have a headache and my eyes are seriously light sensitive. As much as I'd love to be down by the beach RIGHT NOW, with the amount of pollen, the wind and high humidity it's best I stay inside. Le sigh.

We took Oscar and Luna (our 14-year old cat) to the vet this morning. Oscar was happy until we got him up on the table. He took his shots like a real trooper. Luna on the other hand started growling loudly as soon as I opened the door to her carrier. Everyone in the waiting room heard her spitting and screaming at the vet and me. He had wanted to clip her nails, but she was so pissed off he couldn't. Actually she hasn't let us clip them since we got the dog - 5 YEARS AGO! He told me the only was would be to sedate her - which would cost me $250. Yeah, like that's going to happen.


Dave said...

Oh BEAUTIFUL painting shmoops!!!
I'm glad to see your talent on these pages once again.. *S*

Sorry to hear about your health problems... get well soon!

JLee said...

I love it! Great color combination.

poopee shmoopee said...

dave: thanks! i've been working on paintings a lot lately. so more pics coming as soon as i buy a new storage device. seriously. i'm out of ram. le sigh.

poopee shmoopee said...

jlee: thanks!

Mallow said...