So I spent the whole day outside today...

I'm kind of kicking myself for not taking a camera along. Though I sometimes get tired of seeing and experiencing things through a lens or filter, rather than using my own eyes. I'm now doing a lot of reading, writing and sifting through a BAjillion pics and vids, which is taking forEVER. In the meantime, enjoy the work of Jim Stoten. Make sure you take a look at his sketchbook. Oh and I think I got a bit of sunstroke. Whee!

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Dave said...

*laughing at the sunstroke "Wheee"*

Well it's always nice to get outside and explore your senses once in a while shmoops... *S*
Did you take the Kirkster with you??

poopee shmoopee said...

dave: oh yeah. that was a fun day. Kirk didn't go with me. my lovely new friend olivia and i went to check out the riverdale art walk. i drank a lot of water when i got home.