Hey ya'll! I know for the last while I've been a bit of a blogbot, however, dear internet, it's about all I've had to give, of late. I just got a new part-time job, working on campus and have applied for a couple more which will start in the Fall. I've started a couple of new paintings, and am still getting used to our new home.

I also just started a Intro to Communication Studies: Media Messages and the Cultural Landscape. The prof is David McIntosh and I really like him. He's upfront, interesting and engages us in the discussion instead of lecturing (well it helps there are only 20 people in the class). The only homework I have, besides exams, is to write a weekly entry about my experience with media (any method of communicating messages) in relation to whatever issues we explore in the previous class.

So guess what guys... pretentious art school writings = easy, blogtastic must reads! HAHA suckers! Ahem.

I also have a list of things I've been thinking about sharing with you all, my steadfastly loyal 20 readers, here at the blog. Where should I start?

  • cute pictures and/or videos of my pets
  • written school assignments
  • old notes my friends and I passed to one another in high school
  • my old teen angst-filled journals
  • slideshows/videos of my process in art making
  • more links!


Mallow said...

Damn you have 20 loyal readers? Palatial!!

I vote for
1.videos of your artmaking process
2.written school assignments (if you need the feed back, or not)
3.pet pics/stories are always good.

Tha Monkey said...

You know I vote to see those notes passed in High School!!!


poopee shmoopee said...

mallow: well that's what my sitemeter says, though after i posted that it dropped off to 12. sigh.

monks: yeah! ok. once i dig out that box. heh.

Rich said...

I'll vote for dirty pics of your pets... wait... that wasn't one of the options?

Art processes are always good, that and high school notes. Nothing wrong with a little awkward nostalgia.

Dave said...

Why not start at the beginning? *chuckling*

Just got back from vacation... hope all's well with you shmoops!

Darth Weasel said...

apropos of...well...nothing, really, I woke up about 5:15 this morning and popped myself on the head saying, "She calls them schmoopies as in poppy-schmoopy (sic)

Now, there are a lot of times and places to realize this key bit of info. That probably was neither even in the unlikely event I was correct