more of my assignments from last term

mixed media on braced panel

in progress
acrylic on braced panel
-- i'm not totally happy with this but had to stop and hand it in anyway. i think the white eyes are a little much. will keep working on it and post updates when i get a chance

egg tempera sketch
egg tempera on masonite panel


Dave said...

Wow... I love all three!!!

Yeah, the girls white eyes are spooky... but overall, that picture is outstanding!!!!

poopee shmoopee said...

thanks! i think i'm going to do a blue glaze over them so she looks cataract-y. then they won't stand out so much. i also think i'm going to tone down the background too

Valency said...

Love love love... I need to post some new shizzle. I'm glad yer updating again!! Inspiring :)

I thing you are teetering on the fence with the girl-dog picture... You either need to turn the background into hellish flames and totally 'exorcist' her out, or mellow out her background which will sweeten her up... I wish I could see inside your brain - there is fun stuff going on in there!!

poopee shmoopee said...

valency: yeah. i can't decide!!! so i'm leaving it as is for now. it's based on a photo that my dad found in the walls of a house he was demoing. the eyes are totally normal in the photo, but something about it was vaguely disturbing to in in it's perfect-ness. So I weirded it out more. There is an accompanying picture of a severe looking woman, so i was thinking of painting them as a diptych. Maybe I'll get started on that before deciding.