Happy New Year!

Yeah! So 2008 already, hunh? Yep. I've been mostly avoiding my usual EVERYTHING in order to eat, drink, and be lazy for 3 weeks. Anyway, I started a new semester at school today.

Class #1 :History of New Media Art

Course Description: This survey course offers a history of the relationship of art and media from the beginnings of photography and avant-garde cinema to contemporary digital and video art practices. The course examines technological developments that have affected and transformed perception and representation including time-motion studies, industrialization (Taylorism), mass culture, and global electronic networks (Internet). The influence of new media on various avant-garde movements including cubism, constructivism, surrealism, dada, and on the stylistic innovations of collage and montage will be explored. Selected writings on art and technology by key thinkers of the twentieth century will complement a visual and intellectual survey of artworks.

The first video we watched was of economist and communications smarty pants Herb Schiller. He's so cute I want to carry him around in my pocket all day.

And we finally bought a house. Closing date is mid-February and living with my parents is not as bad as I thought it would be, but still pretty meh.


Dave said...

Well the first class sounds pretty good... what're the rest???

Congrats on the house shmoops!!! Tell us more about it please!

You've been missed...

Tha Monkey said...

You'ze gonna be ma neighbour! WOOT! C'mon February, get here faster!!!