it's like an ant farm, but with squirrels!

This is currently in the front window of the cottage:

squirrel nest

it's like an ant farm. but with baby squirrels!

baby squirrel

Please note: In the video, we were watching Ideocracy, which is the loud sound you hear in the background. It was kinda lame. The squirrels were more fun to watch.


Hedy De Vine said...

That is sooo cool!

Dave said...


Only you would find this shmoops! *LOL*

poopee shmoopee said...

hedy & dave: i know!!!! we really want to open up those shutters to let more light in, but just can't evict them yet. they're so teeny!

Mallow said...

this teeny squirrelage is chez vous?- good thing they aren't in your attic! I wonder how long they will be in the nest?

JLee said...

awww...so cute!! Are you gonna take one and keep it for your very own??

Kathryn said...

that is so freakin NEAT!
i would end up staring at that thing for hours.
lucky you.

Valency said...


At first glance, it looked like the naked molerat exhibit at the zoo.

I would be so tempted to try and take one and raise it myself, but then I'd worry that I'd accidentally kill it. Or get rabies.

I had to get the rabies vaccination series in my early twenties cuz I was trying to be a hero and save a wild cat who was stuck in a laundromat. Lesson learned.