Borderline Normal

Freudlo, originally uploaded by Tommykane.

I was supposed to check out a facebook-induced event last night at Kalendar, but ended up feeling all headache-y from my allergies so I wimped out and stayed home. Which is also why I'm inside writing this, rather than sitting on my deck, soaking up the sunshine. Sigh.

For the last 4 months, our condo looked as though an art supply store birthed a giant poo baby who wouldn't stop spontaneously pooing all over the place. I've never let my home get as dirty as I did this past school year. I spent the whole day yesterday organizing all the loft junk into an semi-cool workspace. Now that I've been at school, I finally have a sense of what kind of stuff I need to effectively complete homework without having everything everywhere.

Now that things are organized, I need to spend a couple of hours actually cleaning it. But I don't really feel like it. So, I'm online enjoying my flickr contacts' photos. I think I'm in love with Tommykane's sketchbook.

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JLee said...

I love it! "Siggy Stardust" ha