Good news: I'm a golden baby

So, my marks are starting to come in. I'm still waiting on 3 courses but the verdict thus far, is an A!!!! That is because:

A. I'm a super, academically-inclined, mega-geek,


B. I'm a mature student.

Most of my peers were born in the 80s, and next year they'll be kids born in 1990. They have not really known a world without cellphones, computers, the Internet or the Simpsons. They're still sorting out the whole "growing up" thing. This is my killer advantage.

It's amazing how well you can perform when you have already experienced over a decade's worth of sometimes well-intentioned yet mostly unconsidered critiques of your work from 10-20 different boss/manager types.

I'm not at university to please my parents, to get a higher paying job or even to get institutional permission to call myself an artist. I'm there to learn as much as I can about approaches to materials, history, techniques and theory and to interact, network and collaborate with teachers, students and others as much as possible.

Even though I remember pre-VCR, I am certainly a TV baby, having learned to privilege visual experiences over others. I guess, in that respect we often find common ground and can be friends (facebook is eating my soul!!!!).

Anyway, there's nothing that could convince me to go back in time and relive years 17 through 23.

Ok, MAYBE if I had to save the world from a robot war or nuclear winter or something.


JLee said...

Congrats on your A!! It's funny how maturity increases your focus ;)

I like the animation...reminds me of something Rich would do!

carrie said...

hi. re: facebook.
i can't ever think of anyone from my past to look up and then when i do they aren't on there.

that's how my college experience was, too. i graduated about a year and a half ago. (am almost 34)

poopee shmoopee said...

jlee: thanks girl! i know, i love the macleod brothers.

carrie: hey.

Dave said...

Congrats on the A shmoops!!! *S*

Mallow said...

Wooo Shmoopee! Congratulations on the good grades!! I thought the two projects I saw on your blog- the painting of the window, and your dream house- were very good!

That animation is great, and so are the moleskine drawings you've posted.. now I've got to look up both of those artists. :)

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