Horrible AND hilarious!

I just found my copy of The Big Book of Bodily Functions. I highly recommend it.

Some new favourite expressions:
yen-shee baby
mexican lipstick
a cunt and a clap
full as a seaside shithouse on Boxing Day
to have a mouth like a nun's minge

Old standards:
fudge baby
dick splash
shit a brick
cock cheese
pork sword
bearded taco

Kind of weirded out by and don't really understand :
shake hands with the baby
smell the badger's touch-hole


Squid Vicious said...

Thanks to this post, I am now an oriental lick master. My specialty is a chinese dialect called "CUNTonese".
It's late, but I hope it's not too late for the monkey to jump up from the coconut patch...

Dave said...